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HCC is the temporary home to Affinity 5, one of a dozen sculptures on display throughout the county as part of the Howard County Arts Council's year-long exhibit, ARTsites 2019. Now in its eighth year, ARTsites provides public art within the community. Howard Community College has participated in the ARTsites program since inception. Affinity 5 joins three permanently-installed ARTsites sculptures on campus. At six feet tall, the piece appears to change shape when viewed from different angles and will be located at the north entrance to the college's Science, Engineering, and Technology building through July 2020.

Artist Statement:
I gain inspiration from Da Vinci, Euclid and the great scientists who blurred the distinction between art, math, and science. Metallurgy and physics guide my material and design choices as I seek to communicate messages about strength, sustainability, and risk.

- Jeff Chyatte

For more information on the Howard County Arts Council’s ARTsites program, including a list of the other twelve Howard County sites participating this year, visit

Affinity 5ARTsites 2018 "Tidal Reach" by Bobby Donovan August 2018 - July 2019
ARTsites 2019 "Affinity 5" by Jeff Chaytte
located at the north entrance to the SET Building
ARTsites 2018 "Tidal Reach" by Bobby Donovan August 2018 - July 2019
ARTsites 2017 “Blue Planet” by Hanna JubranARTsites 2016 "Basalt Man" by Glenn Zweygardt
ARTsites 2017 “Blue Planet” by Hanna Jubran

ARTsites 2016 "Basalt Man" 
by Glenn Zweygardt
Permanently installed at HCC's Café on the Quad

ARTsites 2015 "Sea Glade" by Cathy PerryARTsites 2014 "Sunbeam" by Catherin Hoskinson
ARTsites 2015 "Sea Glade" 
by Cathy Perry
ARTsites 2014 "Sunbeam" 
by Catherin Hoskinson
ARTsites 2013 "Autumn Amber" by Glenn Zweygardt permanently on campus in the South Moxley GardenARTsites 2012 "The Cycle" by Hanna Jubran Permanently on campus on the Horowitz Center North Patio

ARTsites 2013 "Autumn Amber" 
by Glenn Zweygardt
permanently located in the South Moxley Garden

ARTsites 2012 "The Cycle" 
by Hanna Jubran
Permanently installed on the Horowitz Center North Patio
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