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Traffic & Parking Advisory
Increased campus traffic due to the Howard County Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic. Please see guidance for travelling to campus for students and employees.
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Tuition and Fees

What will my education cost?

We work to provide you with an exceptional education at an affordable price. To find out what it will cost to attend HCC, our formula is fairly simple. See below for a complete breakdown of tuition and fees, updated regularly.

Also, check out suggestions for making college more affordable in the Pay for College section, and learn the various ways to pay on our Payment Options page.

  • Tuition

    At HCC, the cost per credit hour varies depending on where you live. Students do not pay for more than 15 credit hours, no matter how many credits they’re taking.

    Please note: Maryland residents enrolled in the college's Health Personnel Shortage Incentive Grant Programs are entitled to in-county tuition rates. International citizens’ tuition rates are based upon their immigration status. Please consult the catalog or contact the Office of Admissions and Advising for more information.

    HCC  reserves the right to provide some or all instruction and related academic activities through alternative methods of delivery, including remote delivery. It also reserves the right to change the method of delivery before or during an academic term in the event of a health or safety emergency or other circumstance when it determines that such change is necessary or in the best interests of the campus community. Tuition and mandatory fees will not be reduced or refunded if HCC changes the delivery method for any or all of an academic session.

    Tuition is waived for senior citizens 60 years of age or over, legally residing in Maryland. Tuition is waived for students who are disabled and no longer in the workforce as defined by the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Acts. Students eligible for waivers are obligated to pay all additional college and course fees, including noncredit out-of-county fees.

    Certain tuition discounts exist for eligible members of the Maryland National Guard, U.S. Military Service members, Veterans, and their dependents.  See for more information

    Tuition for Continuing Education courses is set by course and includes the registration fee. Out-of-county residents pay an additional fee of $10 for most courses; out-of-state residents add $20 per course.

    Consolidated Fee

    All credit students pay this fee which is assessed as a percentage of the in-county tuition rate. The consolidated fee helps cover the cost of facilities, student activities, technology, certain instructional expenses, and general expenses of the college.

    Class Fees

    Many classes have fees. These vary based on the course and materials involved. Fees are listed along with course descriptions in the Schedule of Classes.

    Other Costs

    The standard application fee is $25. The Tuition Payment Plan has a $30 per term fee. Books and supplies are estimated at $2,000 for a year of full-time study.

  • Winter/Spring 2021 Tuition & Fees

    All tuition and fees are pending board approval and are subject to change

    1. Tuition

    When you are admitted to HCC you are classified as an in-county, out-of-county, or out-of-state resident. Use the appropriate table to determine your tuition. Example: An in-county resident taking 12 credits would pay $1,704 in tuition (senior citizens can omit this section).

    In-County Out-of-County Out-of-State
    Credits Amount Credits Amount Credits Amount
    1                 142 1 239 1 292
    2                 284 2 478 2 584
    3                 426 3 717 3 876
    4                 568 4 956 4 1168
    5                 710 5 1195 5 1460
    6                 852 6 1434 6 1752
    7                 994 7 1673 7 2044
    8            1,136 8 1912 8 2336
    9            1,278 9 2151 9 2628
    10            1,420 10 2390 10 2920
    11            1,562 11 2629 11 3212
    12            1,704 12 2868 12 3504
    13            1,846 13 3107 13 3796
    14            1,988 14 3346 14 4088
    15            2,130 15 3585 15 4380
    16            2,130 16 3585 16 4380
    17            2,130 17 3585 17 4380
    18            2,130 18 3585 18 4380

    2. Consolidated Fee

    All students, including senior citizens, pay this fee. The appropriate fee is listed next to the number of credits for which you are enrolling. Example: a student taking 12 credits would pay $340.08.

    Consolidated Fee (19.96% of IC)
    Credits Amount Credits  Amount
    1            28.34 10       283.40
    2            56.68 11       311.74
    3            85.02 12       340.08
    4         113.36 13       368.42
    5         141.70 14       396.76
    6         170.04 15       425.10
    7         198.38 16       425.10
    8         226.72 17       425.10
    9         255.06 18       425.10

    3. Additional Fees

    If the course(s) in which you are enrolling has an additional fee, the amount is listed with the course in the class listings. (Senior citizens must pay any course fees.)

  • Continuing Education Tuition & Fees

    Tuition and fees for noncredit, Continuing Education courses are assessed individually by course and include a registration fee. For more information, see our noncredit, Continuing Education registration and payment page

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