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Increased campus traffic due to the Howard County Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic. Please see guidance for traveling to campus for students and employees.
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Academic and Proctoring Services


For Howard Community College students, the Test Center is available for makeup exams, online courses and students requiring modified testing conditions. In addition to academic testing on campus, the Test Center provides eLearning testing accommodations for students who may need to test at an alternate off-site location. The Test Center also provides support for non-HCC students needing proctoring services for other colleges or universities. Regardless of whether you are an HCC student or a community member receiving proctoring, we ask you to follow the Test Center rules to ensure you receive accessible, secure and professional services.

  • Academic Testing

    Feeling anxious about remote learning and testing? Click here for more information.

    Students must request that the instructor send their academic exam to the Test Center, located in RCF, Room 359. Academic exams sent to the Test Center are available to students without an appointment during general office hours.

    For testing, staff will enforce the exam deadline given by the instructor. Please confirm the deadline of the exam with your professor prior to your arrival. All exams must be turned in to Test Center Staff at the Test Center's posted closing time regardless of exam time limit.

    Laurel Testing

    The Test Center understands that students may take courses at Laurel College Center (LCC) or want to take their exams at LCC for convenience. The process for taking exams at this location is different from testing at the Main Campus. Please be advised that proctoring services are available at LCC on Thursdays at 10AM only. If you wish to take your exams at LCC, you will need to contact your professor and inform them that you wish to test at this location. Your professor will need to fill out a test information form and ensure your test information is sent to LCC. You will then need to contact the Main Office at LCC at 443-518-4162 to reserve an appointment slot.


  • eLearning Assessment (HCC students testing elsewhere)

    Howard Community College (HCC) understands there are students taking classes at HCC who may need to take their exams off-site at an alternate testing location.  In an effort to accommodate our students, the Test Center at HCC has implemented procedures to ensure the needs of our eLearning students and faculty are met.

    In order to provide the best possible service, please begin the eLearning request process early in the semester. The deadline to request eLearning services for the SPRING semester is March 6, 2020. To request to test at an alternate testing location follow the five steps below.

    Step 1: Contact your professor to let her/him know you will need to test at an alternate testing location.

    Step 2: Locate and obtain contact information for a Test Center at a community college, university or college or military base. You will need this information to fill out the online request form. The Test Center will verify and approve your alternate testing location. Your professor will be contacting your alternate testing location to send all testing materials and instructions, so make sure you have all of the required information. Click here for more information.

    Step 3: Click here to fill out the required request form.

    Step 4: Once the Test Center staff receive your online request, we will verify and approve your alternate testing location. We will share the information with your professor(s) so they will know where to send your testing materials and instructions.

    Step 5: Contact your professor close to your test date so they can send the information to your alternate testing location.

    Need help finding a testing location? Click here.

    Please feel free to contact the Test Center at if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to know the status of your eLearning test request.

  • Proctoring Services

    The Test Center is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and is part of the Consortium of College Testing Centers. Proctoring services are available for individuals who need to have an exam from another college or university proctored at Howard Community College.

    Proctoring services will be available, by appointment, on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning October 13, 2020. Due to the current pandemic we have made some changes to our proctoring service request procedure.

    Please complete the following steps to utilize our proctoring services:

    1. Send us an email at with your name, phone number and the name of your the institution.
      • Please expect to receive a response from a Test Center representative within 48 hours. 
      • If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
    2. Contact your professor or institution and provide them the link to our required online form found in the email you have received from our Test Center staff.
      • Please note we require all testing materials 72 hours prior to your desired test date, so please contact your school at least one week prior to your test date to ensure all testing materials have been received and processed in time for your appointment
      • Have your college or university contact our Test Center at to provide your test information.
    3. When your testing materials have been received, a Test Center staff member will contact you with scheduling instructions and information about what to expect on your day of testing.  All scheduling is done through RegisterBlast. Appointment confirmation will be sent to your email address after scheduling.
    4. Pay a $30 proctoring fee, which is due at the time of testing. Contact the Howard Community College Cashier's Office at 443-518-1862 to pay over the phone. The Cashier's Office will be available to receive payments over the phone from Tuesday through Thursday 9am to 3pm.
    5. Follow Howard Community College's policies and procedures when on campus.
  • Test Center Rules

    When using the Test Center, Howard Community College students, community members, and other individuals must follow the Test Center rules:

    • Present a current school or government-issued picture ID. School ID cards must have the current year or an expiration date. Government issued ID cards cannot be expired and must have a recent picture.
    • Provide the name of the instructor teaching the course. Provide the name of the course and section number. Know the title of the exam (example: Test #3).
    • Place all personal items in lockers, including books, notes, pens, pencils, calculators, cellular telephones, electronic devices, purses, lip balm, watches, wallets, and keys.
    • All pockets must be empty and cellular telephones must be powered OFF.
    • Please note that no food or beverages are allowed in the testing rooms.
    • Please note that once students begin testing, they are not permitted to leave the Test Center Suite without completing and submitting their exam.
    • Remove all listening or recording devices from your person. 
    • Remove all hats and head coverings, unless worn for religious or medical reasons. Regardless of the reason for headwear allowance, the tester's ears must be shown to a testing administrator in a private setting to ensure that no recording or listening devices are present.
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