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Columbia MD, 21044
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Waitlists for credit classes are here!
  • Make sure you check your HCC email every day.  Once you receive the email notifying you that it's your turn to register, you have two days to take action within Self-Service: Student Planning (hours: 7 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.) or in person at the Office of Records, Registration, and Veterans' Affairs.
  • You may register for one section and waitlist one section per course.
  • Remember, to keep your schedule, make prompt payment arrangements!
  • Waitlist: Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join a waitlist?
    If a section that you are attempting to add to your schedule is full, and a waitlist is available, the section will say “Waitlisted” and show a number underneath to indicate how many students are on the waitlist. Select “Add Section to Schedule.” Once you add the section to your schedule, it will display with a “Waitlist” button on the “Plan & Register for Classes” page.  NOTE: YOU ARE NOT YET WAITLISTED!  Click the “Waitlist” button to add yourself to the waitlist.

    What happens when a seat becomes available for me?
    You will receive an email to your HCC email address indicating that you have permission to register. Be sure to check your HCC email account each day, as you will only have a two-day window to register.  When your permission to register expires, the opportunity will go to the next student on the waitlist and you will have to add yourself back to the waitlist.

    If you receive a notification for an opportunity to register, when you return to the “Plan & Register for Classes” page, you will find that you now have a “Register” button for the course.  Click the “Register” button.  The section will turn green and will be tagged “Registered.”

    What if I no longer want the seat I’m offered? What if I don't want to stay on the waitlist?
    If you do not want the seat, do not register for the section. After your permission to register window expires, the seat will be offered to the next student on the list. If you decide that you no longer want to be on the waitlist for a particular section, remove yourself from the waitlist as soon as possible.

    How do I figure out where I am on a waitlist?
    Prior to adding yourself to the waitlist, you will be able to see how many students are on the waitlist, to make an educated choice on whether or not to join the waitlist. After that, your position on the waitlist will be unknown until you receive an email notification, so check your HCC email account each day.

    What is required to be eligible for a waitlist?
    You must satisfy course requisites before you can add yourself to a waitlist.  You may also waitlist if you have all the required waivers and petitions provided by the appropriate academic department. You must also resolve any holds that will prevent you from registering (e.g. financial hold, library block).

    You will receive an error message if you attempt to add yourself to a waitlist and you do not have all the required permissions and/or requisites, or you have a hold on your account.

    Can an instructor or academic department add me to the waitlist?
    No, you must waitlist yourself. You are also required to register yourself by the deadline provided in your waitlist notification email.  You may take these actions in myHCC or in person at the Office of Records, Registration, and Veterans’ Affairs.

    If I choose to waitlist for a section, does it show up on my schedule?
    You will see your waitlisted sections tagged as “Waitlisted” on the “Plan & Register for Classes” page in myHCC.

    How will I know when a seat is available?
    When a seat becomes available for you, you will receive one email to your HCC email.  You must log in and register yourself for the seat before the deadline in the email. 

    If you do not take action in time, your permission to register will expire, and the next student on the waitlist will be provided the opportunity to register.

    Will I automatically be registered for the section when a seat becomes available?
    No, you will NOT be automatically registered if a seat becomes available.  Upon receiving the waitlist email in your HCC email account, and before your permission to register expires, go to myHCC to register.  

    How much time do I have before the seat is given to another student?
    You will have two days to claim the seat; your exact deadline will be provided in the email sent to your HCC email address. If you do not claim your seat before your permission to register expires, you will no longer be on that waitlist.

    How do I register when I receive an e-mail about an available seat?
    The notification email will link you to myHCC. Register as you normally would within the time frame provided in the email.

    Can I add myself to more than one waitlist?
    You may only add yourself to a waitlist for one section per course. You may also register yourself for another available section while you are on a waitlist for a different section. We encourage you to register for an open section even if you are on a waitlist, to ensure you get the course you need.

    Can I get on a waitlist if there is a time conflict between sections?
    Yes, you can add yourself to a waitlist when there are time conflicts.   If you receive the notification that a seat is available, you will be required to adjust your schedule to resolve the time conflict before being able to register for the waitlisted course. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to take these actions before myHCC registration functionality turns off overnight (11:30 p.m. daily).

    Is there an option to waitlist for a course (SPCH-105) and not just a section (SPCH-105-701)?
    No, you must add yourself to the waitlist of a specific section, should a waitlist exist.

    If I don’t get into a waitlisted section, what options are left?
    If you do not successfully make it off a waitlist, you should register for another section that has seats available or for a late-starting section with seats available.  Remember:  winter/spring registration opens each October/November, and summer/fall registration opens each March/April… next time, register early!

    What is the most important item for students to remember when using the waitlist feature?
    Check your HCC email each day; otherwise, you may miss the notification to register. 



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