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Evacuation DRILL Scheduled

The college will have an EVACUATION DRILL on Wed, Oct 17 in the early afternoon to test its emergency preparedness. >>>more

HCC Main Campus
10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia MD, 21044
Laurel College Center
312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 205
Laurel, MD 20707
Gateway Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia MD, 21046
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Transfer to HCC FAQ

  • Are a a student attending classes at LCC?

    If you're a HCC student attending classes at the Laurel College Center, you may see an advisor there or our main campus. Advising hours at the Laurel College Center are more limited than on the main campus. You should consult the Laurel College Center or the HCC Office of Admissions and Advising for advising hours there.

  • I have earned college credit in other institutions and through other programs. How do I transfer these credits to Howard Community College?
    • Complete an application for admission to Howard Community College.
    • If you are a financial aid student or plan to transfer course credit to Howard Community College, you must select an academic program, excluding 99.
    • Complete our Transcript Evaluation Request Form. Turn the completed form into the Office of Admissions and Advising, located in The Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall (RCF), Room 242 or fax the form to 443-518-4589. Please fill out this form completely including your current program of study and all institutions previously attended.
    • Contact all previous institutions you have attended including four year colleges and universities and accredited training programs, trade and vocational schools, and the military. All sealed official transcripts and official standardized tests scores including CLEP, AP and, IB may be sent to the Office of Admissions and Advising, RCF-242. After we have received every document, your transcript will be evaluated. You will receive your Transcript Evaluation Report in the mail in approximately four weeks following the receipt of all official transcripts.
  • What type of credits may I transfer to Howard Community College?

    The types of credit, which you may transfer, include:

    • Traditional college/university credit: This is credit you may have earned at accredited colleges or universities, which you have attended previously.
    • Non-Traditional Credit: This credit may be earned through corporate training programs, technical and trade schools, military training, and portfolio development.  Also, you may earn credit through standardized exams including Advanced Placement Exams (AP), exams completed through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the International Baccalaureate Examination (IB). All non-collegiate coursework is evaluated in accordance with the American Council on Education standards.
  • What forms of military documentation may I submit?

    You may submit the following military documentation: Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), AARTS, SMART, DD214, and the DD295 or other military transcripts.

  • Are there a maximum number of credits that I can transfer to Howard Community College?

    You can transfer a maximum of 45 credits or 75% of the total number of credits necessary to earn a degree at Howard Community College. Of the total number of transferable credits a maximum of 30 credits or 50% of the total credits towards a degree may be non-traditional credits (see question number 2). Of these 30 credits, the maximum of 15 credits or 25% of the total credits needed for the degree may be portfolio credits or institutional exams.

  • In general, what credits will you accept at Howard Community College?

    We accept those college level credits that are part of your learning program. Also, most University of Maryland System general education or core credits will be accepted.

  • Which credits are not accepted by Howard Community College?

    We do not accept preparatory or developmental course work or college level course work that falls outside of the chosen degree program.

  • I have earned a "D" grade. Will you accept that course?

    We will accept "D" grades in courses that meet general education core requirements or elective credit. A grade of "C" or higher is required for prerequisite coursework for allied health clinical programs including Nursing, Cardiovascular Technology, Emergency Medical Services, and Radiologic Technology. It is important for the student to recognize that upon transfer to another institution it is unlikely that the "D" grade will satisfy specific course requirements related directly to the major.

  • Do you accept credit from a foreign college or university?

    Generally the Office of Admissions and Advising at Howard Community College does not evaluate foreign transcripts. Students seeking credit from foreign colleges or universities must have their transcripts evaluated by an accredited foreign transcript evaluation service. When this evaluation is finished, students must complete our Transcript Request Evaluation Form. You may fax the form to 443-518-4589. Your international credit evaluation will be reviewed to determine if your credits apply to your program of study at HCC. A Transcript Evaluation Report from the Office of Admissions and Advising will be mailed to your home within four weeks of HCC receiving your documentation.

  • Does Howard Community College charge a fee for the transcript evaluation process?

    There is no charge for transcript evaluation at Howard Community College.

  • I just made my decision to enter HCC and it is during the last weeks of the registration period. I have not requested official transcripts. How can I demonstrate I meet the course prereq's as outlined in the HCC Schedule of Classes and catalog?
    • Complete and submit our Admissions Application.
    • See an academic advisor immediately. Bring unofficial transcripts, grade reports, and standardized test scores with you. Using this information, the advisor will be able to help you to select appropriate courses for your program of study and determine if you meet the course prerequisites for the Howard Community College courses you wish to register for in the current term.
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