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Mailing Services Procedure - 70.03.02

College Policy Number/Title:

One of the services that Howard Community College's facilities provides is mailing services, which is managed by staff in the department’s mailroom.  The mission of the mailroom is to provide scheduled and regular mail handling and materials handling services. 

Mailroom Operations

  • Mail is retrieved from the post office each day.
  • Mail is generally delivered throughout the main campus twice daily.
  • Daily outgoing mail is picked up, sorted, and metered prior to being taken to the post office.  Mail not received by 3:30 p.m. is delivered to the post office the following day.
  • Book rate, UPS, Federal Express, and certified mailings must be in the mailroom by 11:00 a.m. for same day processing.
  • Mailroom staff does not handle incoming or outgoing personal mail or packages.  For outgoing personal items, staff may use the mailbox located outside Clark Library Hall.
  • Mailroom staff does not accept or mail out CODs.
  • The mailroom requires a two-week notice of all mailings 200 pieces or more.
  • Mail that is not clearly addressed to an individual or a department is opened in the college mailroom in the plant operations area.

Procedures for First and Third Class Mailings

  • Ten or more first class envelopes must be bundled together by zip code with a rubber band, with a completed chargeback mail slip attached.
  • Business envelopes may not contain more than five sheets of paper.
  • Multiple business envelopes shall be stacked, facing the same direction, and rubber banded.
  • Larger envelopes must be sealed.

Procedures for Bulk Mail

The minimum number of pieces that qualify for a bulk mailing is 200 for third class bulk mail and 500 for first class preprinted presort. 

For each mailing, all items must be identical in size, weight, and color and have the bulk mail imprint printed on the outside of the envelope.  

Staff must separate out-of-state bulk mail and bundle as indicated above.  The bundles must be labeled “out of state” (Washington, D.C. is considered out of state).   

The mailroom requires a two-week notice for large bulk mailings.

Effective Date:  09/14/18

President's Office Use:  VPAF

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