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Outside And/Or Additional Employment Procedure - 63.09.12

College Policy Number/Title:

Howard Community College is a public institution with a critical educational mission. Public dollars are used wisely and the college must be able to document and justify the time people spend on their jobs for the compensation paid. Therefore, the purpose and intent of this procedure is to ensure that Howard Community College faculty and staff place their primary focus on their jobs with the college and avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest with those primary responsibilities (please see policy 63.09, Ethics and Conduct). Outside or additional employment should be limited to the extent that it could jeopardize that primary focus or could present a real or apparent conflict of interest.


"Outside employment" is considered employment outside the college in addition to an employee’s regular full-time college job.  Staff and faculty are required to disclose their involvement in paid outside activities to ensure that such activity does not conflict with their primary jobs and to avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest with their responsibilities at the college.  Employees who wish to participate in outside and/or additional employment must inform their immediate supervisors and a member of the president’s team prior to the inception of such employment. The college reserves the right to disapprove of any such employment that would reflect negatively upon the institution, adversely affect the employee's performance of college duties, or present any conflict of interest issues.

Faculty and other employees who work directly with currently enrolled students in their classes or in their work assignments may not receive compensation from those students for other services they provide outside their college work.


"Additional employment" is considered a separate assignment within the college in addition to an employee’s regular full-time job. Authorization for additional employment requires the following for all employees.

  1. All additional assignments must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and a member of the president’s team as well as by the supervisor of the additional assignment and a member of the president’s team. Signed advance approval on the appropriate form must be delivered to the office of human resources prior to the inception of the assignment.
  2. No "additional" assignments including credit or non-credit instruction will be performed during the employee’s normal workday, unless prior supervisory approval is obtained, the employee's schedule is adjusted so that the missed work time is made up, and the adjusted schedule is filed in writing with human resources.  It is very important that the employee’s normal work schedule and the additional work schedule be carefully differentiated and documented.
  3. For twelve-month full-time employees, part-time instruction (credit or non-credit) is limited to one course per semester. For twelve-month full-time employees below the level of division chairs, other faculty administrators on 12-month contracts, and the administrative staff group, the total amount of compensation for the additional work, teaching or other, will be limited to 20% of the pay of the employee's full-time job.  For twelve-month full-time division chairs, other faculty administrators on 12-month contracts, and staff in the administrative group, the total amount of compensation for the additional work will be limited to 10% of the pay of the employee's full-time job.
  4. Employees may not use leave from a full-time position to perform additional, paid work assignments for the college.
  5. Separate part-time job assignments cannot be combined to create a full-time position without specific action on the part of the college.
Provisions for Ten-Month Faculty Engaged in Additional Employment

Faculty members may be hired by the college to teach additional courses for the college in addition to their regular faculty load or work assignments, with the approval of the division chair. Faculty overload assignments are not considered "additional employment" and are subject to the following limitations: (a) full-time faculty members may teach one overload class per semester; and (b) classes taught during the winter session and summer sessions are not included. Faculty overload contracts will be designated as "overload" on the adjunct faculty contracts.

  1. Assignments that are not overload teaching may qualify for additional pay if not accounted for by release time. These assignments could include: Faculty forum chair, curriculum council chair, online course development, discipline coordinator for adjunct faculty, learning outcomes assessment projects, design and presentation of faculty development/teaching improvement workshops, and new program research and development.
Additional Provision for Exempt Staff Engaged in Additional Employment

Exempt employees (see procedure 63.04.02, Overtime and Compensatory Time) will not be given stipends or contracts for additional assignments for activities that are required as part of their regular, salaried jobs.

Additional Provisions for Non-Exempt Staff Engaged in Additional Employment

  1. Non-exempt staff are those who earn overtime pay. When non-exempt employees work additional hours within their regular jobs, overtime and compensatory time procedures apply; please see procedure 63.04.02, Overtime and Compensatory Time.
  2. When non-exempt employees accept additional assignments within the college, all of the provisions of this procedure apply.  The employee’s overtime pay for the additional assignment will be based on either the hourly rate for the additional assignment, or an average of the regular and additional hourly rates.
Fiscal Approvals

Authorization to incur expenditures for additional employment within the college is subject to cost center manager limitations.


Upon the recommendation of one or more members of the president’s team, the president may make exceptions to meet the needs of the college.

Effective Date:  05/14/10c

President's Office Use:  VPAF

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