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Key/Access Cards Procedure - 63.09.05

College Policy Number/Title:

Howard Community College (HCC) full-time, position control/budgeted employees and adjunct faculty are issued office keys or access cards at the time of their employment when the appropriate forms are initiated and endorsed.  For full-time employees and adjunct faculty, keys are obtained through the facilities office and access cards are obtained through the public safety office.  When regular access to areas other than one's own work area is required, appropriate documentation and supervisory approval is mandatory prior to the release of keys and access cards.

If it becomes necessary for other part-time employees to have a key or access card, authorization must come from the cost center administrator responsible for the area.  Responsibility for the return of keys or access cards issued on behalf of a part-time employee remains with the cost center administrator.

Campus master keys and access cards are assigned to designated personnel; exceptions must be requested in writing and approved by the executive director of capital projects and facilities and director of public safety respectively.  Exterior door keys and access cards will be issued with the approval of the area vice president or the president to full-time personnel who need to gain entry to a particular building during off-hours.

Employees should report misplaced or stolen keys or access cards immediately to their supervisor, public safety, and the facilities department.  The public safety office will replace cards that are lost or damaged without a charge. 

If a key is lost, it is the responsibility of the employee who lost the key to pay the college $25 per key within 30 days.  This amount is the basic cost to the college for labor and materials to replace the lock and key with no surcharge or profit margin.  No charge will be issued for the replacement of any key that is damaged or that malfunctions due to normal wear at no fault of the employee.  If the employee fails to reimburse the college within 30 days, the employee’s signature on the key issuance form allows the college to deduct the $25 per key from the employee’s paycheck. 

Upon termination of employment, or internal transfer (when appropriate) all keys must be returned to the facilities department and access cards must be returned to public safety as part of the college’s separation procedures.    

Under no circumstances will any key be duplicated or any access card be given to unauthorized individuals.

Policy for Continuing Education/Noncredit Faculty being provided with Keys/Access Cards

The requirements for access cards differs for noncredit adjunct faculty.  Noncredit adjunct faculty teaching at locations other than the main campus will follow the policies and procedures established at those locations.  Noncredit faculty teaching on the main campus are issued an access card by public safety or are assigned an access card by a continuing education administrator for the term in which they teach. 

Effective Date:   02/12/16

President's Office Use:  VPAF

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