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Military and Deployment Leave Procedure - 63.08.10

College Policy Number/Title:

Reserve Duty for Employees

Howard Community College (HCC) grants all full-time and part-time, budgeted and temporary with benefits employees who are members of the National Guard or United States Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard or Air Force Reserves a maximum of 15 days of military leave per calendar year without loss of pay, service accrual or rating for authorized military training sessions.  Employees should make every effort to coordinate the tour of duty so that it results in as little inconvenience to the college as possible.  A "Request for Leave" form accompanied by a copy of the military orders and salary authorization specifying the duration of the training session and compensation shall be approved by the required administrators.  The employee shall be paid the difference between the base salary the employee normally earns at the college and the pay received from the military.  The figures used are the pre-tax rates and do not include overtime.  If the employee elects to use annual leave while on military training duty, the regular college pay shall be paid for each day of the annual leave taken and will not be reduced by the military pay.  Use of annual leave is voluntary.

Active Duty for Employees

Employees who are members of the National Guard or United States Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, or Air Force and are called to active military duty will be protected in their civilian employment and provided an opportunity to return to the original or similar position with no loss of seniority, status, or pay, if they are still qualified to fill the position.  Employees must provide advance written notification for all military duty unless giving notice is impossible, unreasonable, or precluded by military necessity in which case oral notification will suffice until written documentation is available.  Employees called to active military duty have the option of continuing college health, dental, and other benefits (if allowed by the plans and if notice is given), or electing military coverage only.  If the employee elects to continue benefits through the college, the college may continue to contribute to benefits coverage at the discretion of the president.

If the individual no longer qualifies for the former position, a reasonable period of time will be allowed for the individual to become requalified.  If an employee is unable to perform in the same position because of a disability received while on active duty, a position that can be performed will be provided with like seniority, status, and pay, unless the circumstances at HCC have changed to the point where it is impossible or unreasonable to do so.  To be reinstated, employees must have an honorable discharge and must apply in writing within 90 days from release of service.  Employees convalescing due to a disability incurred or aggravated during military service may extend the reinstatement deadline for up to two years from release of service.  HCC is not required to provide reinstatement to an employee that has served for more than five cumulative years of military duty.  Requests for reinstatement must be accompanied by a copy of the DD-214 or other official discharge document.  The employee will be given the status of employment which would have been attained had the employment not been interrupted by military service.

Individuals released from active duty who do not intend to seek reemployment are requested to notify the college as soon as possible.

Deployment of Immediate Family Member

Any full-time or part-time employee who has been in active employment status with the college for the last 12 months and has worked at least 1,250 hours during the last 12 months is eligible for one day of paid leave on the day that an immediate family member is leaving for, and one day of paid leave on the day that an immediate family member is returning from, active duty outside the United States as a member of the armed forces of the United States.  An immediate family member is defined as a spouse, parent, step-parent, child, step-child, or sibling.  Proof of the immediate family member's departure for or arrival from deployment may be requested by the supervisor.

Effective Date:  02/28/14

President's Office Use:  VPAF/VPSS

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