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Annual Leave Procedure - 63.08.02

College Policy Number/Title:


At Howard Community College, full- and part-time, position control/budgeted and temporary with benefits employees in non-teaching positions, and twelve-month teaching faculty are eligible to earn annual leave.  Ten-month teaching faculty do not accrue annual leave.  Annual leave for all employees is intended to be used on a regular basis and accrual is limited according to the category of employment.  Requests for annual leave will be submitted to the supervisor on a "Request for Leave" form or, if acceptable to the supervisor, by other means such as email or an electronic calendar request.  Approved annual leave taken may be taken during the probationary period. 

Leave Payout

Upon termination of employment, accumulated annual leave will be paid as a lump sum on the second scheduled pay date following the time of separation.  Upon transfer from a position that includes annual leave to a ten-month teaching faculty contract that does not include annual leave, existing unused annual leave balances is paid in a lump sum subsequent to the final paycheck after transfer.  This payout will be paid at the hourly pay rate at the time of separation or transfer except for those on phased retirement.  See Phased Retirement/Knowledge Transfer procedure 63.04.15.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  

An employee may use annual leave for FMLA covered events; such leave will be used concurrently with FMLA approved leave.  Whenever an employee requests leave for an FMLA covered event, the employee will be required to exhaust all accrued sick leave, personal leave, and annual leave prior to being placed in unpaid leave status.  See "Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave" procedure 63.08.15.

Twelve-Month Faculty, Administrative, and Professional/Technical Staff

Full-time twelve-month professional/technical and administrative staff and twelve-month faculty accrue 20 days of paid annual leave each year.  Accrual is limited to a maximum of 30 days; when the maximum is reached, accrual will stop until the balance falls below the maximum.*

Ten-Month Administrative and Professional/Technical Staff

Full-time ten-month professional/technical and administrative staff accrue a maximum of 16.67 prorated days of annual leave per year with a maximum accrual of 25 days; when the maximum is reached, accrual will stop until the balance falls below the maximum.*

Support Staff

Full-time support staff in position control/budgeted positions earn 10 days of annual leave in the first year of service.  In the second year, 15 days are accrued and in the third year 20 days are accrued. Accrual is limited to a maximum of 30 days; when the maximum is reached, accrual will stop until the balance falls below the maximum.* and **

Annual leave is earned each pay period as follows:


37½ Hour-Week

Support Staff

40 Hour-Week

Support Staff

Years of Service

Begin to Accrue

Number of Days

Hours Accrued

Per Pay Period

Begin to Accrue

Number of Days

Hours Accrued

Per Pay Period
















Support staff who leave employment with the college and return to a support staff position within two years of separation will be awarded the same annual leave accrual rate earned at the time of separation.  Those who return after a break longer than two years will be considered a new employee and will revert to the year one accrual rate.

Part-time Position Control/Budgeted Employees

Part-time employees in position control/budgeted or temporary with benefits positions accrue annual leave on a prorated basis.  Accrual maximums are also prorated.

Active Pay Status  

An employee must be in active pay status to accrue leave; "active pay status" means that the employee is either working or on approved paid leave (except administrative leave or disability leave) and is thus receiving a paycheck.

Accrual of Leave and Automatic Leave Sequence  

  • Accrual of leave means the accumulation of available leave time that is added each pay period to an employee's leave balance.  Leave that is used is subtracted from the leave balance.  The leave balance is shown on employee's semi-monthly pay statements.  All leave balances are positive numbers of leave hours available.
  • Individuals accrue vacation days and sick leave while on annual leave.
  • Annual leave may not be used if it has not yet been accrued.  If leave is taken that has not yet been accrued by employees, an automatic leave sequence will be used. 
  • The automatic leave sequence is as follows:  annual leave, personal leave, leave without pay.

*Rare exceptions to the accrual limit may be considered if employees have repeatedly requested leave and have repeatedly been denied these requests.  In such cases, a request for an exception along with documentation of denied requests, will be forwarded to the employee's vice president.  The vice president will make a decision and will forward that decision to the associate vice president of human resources.

**Prorated for a 40-hour-per-week, part-time position control/budgeted or temporary with benefits, and 10-month employees

Effective Date:  12/12/14

President's Office Use:  VPAF

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