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Policy and Procedure Review Procedure - 63.06.01

College Policy Number/Title:

At Howard Community College (HCC), the creation and revision of policies and procedures is a crucial part of the college’s internal governance, which seeks to involve faculty, staff, and students in the decision-making process in order to achieve the best possible work and learning environment.  The board of trustees supports this process by stating in board policy that the president will “make decisions by a process where openness and fairness are maintained.”  In turn, employees have a responsibility for continuous improvement and responsiveness to the community and stakeholders the college serves.

All policies and procedures are on a regular five-year review cycle that is managed by the office of the president, except for policies and procedures that are directly aligned with content in the college’s catalog.  Catalog-related policies and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis by the appropriate area vice president or the president.

Additionally, any employee or student of HCC may suggest revisions to a college policy or procedure or the creation of a new policy or procedure in collaboration with their president’s team constituency group liaison or their area vice president or the president.  When this occurs, the president’s office should be contacted in order to obtain the most recent version of an existing policy or procedure for editing purposes.  The president’s office should also be notified when a new policy or procedure is being recommended to assist with creation of the new document and ensure the revision process is tracked and expedited. 

The president’s team member who is suggesting a new or revised policy or procedure should work in conjunction with the executive associate to the president and appropriate functional areas (e.g., human resources for any personnel policy or procedure, faculty forum for any academic policy or procedure) to ensure that concerned parties have input into the policy or procedure before it is  brought to president’s team.  Once initial revisions are completed by the president’s team liaison, the executive associate to the president will bring the draft of the new or revised policy or procedure forward to president’s team for review.

After president’s team has reviewed and approved the recommended policy or procedure, the executive associate to the president will facilitate college council discussion for all policies and procedures being reviewed.  Policies and procedures slated for review will be posted on the college council portal site.  It is recommended that they be posted within seven to 10 days prior to the next meeting; however, the council recognizes the need for exceptions.  College council is responsible for reviewing and forwarding any additional recommendations on policies and procedures to president’s team for advice and consideration. 

Based on college council advice, it may be necessary for further revisions to be made by president’s team.  The executive associate to the president will share any additional content revisions made by president’s team with the chair of college council and together they will determine if the policy or procedure needs additional review by college council. 

Once president’s team approves a final draft, the policy or procedure will be posted on the web.  All revised policies and procedures or new policies and procedures will be announced to the college community via the weekly president’s update in order to keep all members of the college community informed.

Effective Date:  03/24/17

President's Office Use:  PRES

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