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Cellular Telephone Procedure - 61.22.01

College Policy Number/Title

Howard Community College (HCC) issues cellular telephones to select college employees as outlined in policy 61.22, Cellular Telephone, and utilizes the following procedures for administration of college-issued cellular telephone use.

Ordering a new cellular telephone

College-issued cellular telephones must be purchased through the HCC information technology (IT) department. In order to be issued a cellular telephone by the college, the employee must have written approval to receive a college-issued cellular telephone from their supervisor and the president or their respective vice president.

To order a college-issued cellular telephone, the employee must submit a service request to the IT help desk. A college email with the approval from the employee’s supervisor and the president or respective vice president’s is required before a cellular telephone can be ordered. Once the help desk service request or ticket is opened, the IT department will contact the employee and initiate the order. Once the cellular telephone is received, it will be activated, added to the college database, and issued to the employee by the IT department. Employees may track the status of their request via the help desk.

Requesting a replacement cellular telephone

Cellular telephones outside of the one-year warranty period must undergo troubleshooting by the IT department and the wireless provider. Once the cellular telephone is verified as unserviceable, the employee begins the process to order a new cellular telephone.

An employee requiring a replacement cellular telephone first must obtain the approval of their supervisor and president or respective vice president.  The employee must then submit a service request to the help desk with the approval attachment to initiate a replacement cellular telephone. 

International Travel

On request and with the approval of the president or respective vice president, global service plans can be added for employees traveling internationally on college business. If the current phone is not global capable, there is a loaner phone that can be activated for the period of travel. Once the employee returns, the service plan needs to be deactivated.  Requests for a loaner phone and for deactivating service may be made by calling or emailing the help desk.

Returning a cellular telephone

As part of the employee separation process, the cellular telephone and associated equipment must be returned to the help desk or the information technology department. The cellular telephone will be deactivated, college database updated, and the cellular telephone reissued to another employee. On a case-by-case basis, employees may be held responsible for excess use charges and repair charges due to misuse of equipment or services.  Charges are monitored by the area supervisor and the finance office.

Personal Cellular Telephone Reimbursement Stipend

Employees who are eligible to receive a college-issued cellular telephone may opt to receive a monthly reimbursement stipend for personal cellular telephone use for college business purposes. In order to be eligible for the stipend, the employee must link their college email account to their personal cellular phone. 

The amount of the stipend shall be a percentage of the total monthly cost of the mid-level plan for college-issued cellular phones equal to the percentage of personal cellular telephone use that is for college business purposes. For example, if an employee uses their personal cellular telephone for college business purposes 50 percent of the time, they are entitled to a stipend equal to 50 percent of the mid-level college cellular telephone plan.

The percentage of cellular telephone usage claimed by an employee must be approved by the employee’s area vice president or the president for areas reporting directly to the president.  The business usage percentage for college-issued cellular telephones form can be found on the employee portal.   

Personal Cellular Telephone Reimbursement for Occasional Business Purposes

Employees who use personal cellular telephones for college business on an infrequent basis, or need to do a short-term increase to their phone plan for business purposes such as a study abroad trip or conference, can submit cellular telephone bills for reimbursement using an employee reimbursement form.  

The total business use will need to be estimated on a case-by-case basis by the employee and approved by the cost center manager. This percentage will be applied to the total cost for the month. The college will reimburse that amount to the employee. Supervisors must sign off on all reimbursements, as well as the cost center manager if different from the supervisor. Employees shall not pay personal cellular telephone bills using a college p-card. 

Failure to comply with college policies and procedures may result in loss of privileges, disciplinary action, and/or legal action.  

Effective Date: 11/15/19
President's Office Use:  VPIT
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