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Faculty Forum Bylaws Procedure - 61.02.02


College Policy Number/Title:

Article 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be the faculty forum, Howard Community College (HCC).

Article 2 – Purpose of the Organization

  1. The general goals of the faculty forum are as follows:
  • To improve the quality of instruction at HCC;
  • To promote unity among the teaching faculty of HCC;
  • To provide an essential voice for faculty in matters of instruction, curricula, policy, academic organization, and student learning;
  • To provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and concerns among members of the faculty;
  • To support an attitude of faculty professionalism;
  • To actively participate in shared governance and other college committees;
  • To foster the exchange of ideas among other community college faculty; and
  • To provide information to groups in Maryland concerned with higher education.
  1. The general functions of the faculty forum are as follows:
  • Appoint representatives to college-wide committees, teams, and councils;
  • Foster exchange of ideas and concerns to:
  1. discuss activities in various college service areas that affect all faculty, such as community service, college service, student services
  2. exchange information and ideas among faculty
  3. discuss general college-wide administrative actions that pertain to faculty
  4. provide opportunity for full-time and adjunct faculty to express concerns and needs;
  • Draft Policy to be taken to College Council and VPAA that addressed information from above;
  • Disseminate information among faculty and committee representatives:
  1. Inform faculty of college-wide committee, team, and council activities, both present and proposed
  2. Advise committee representatives of faculty viewpoint
  • Disseminate information among HCC faculty and other groups concerned with higher education in Maryland.
  • Promote a sense of community through faculty initiated social functions;

Article 3 – Membership

The voting membership of the faculty forum shall consist of all full-time teaching faculty. Adjunct & retired faculty shall not be voting members, but may attend meetings, participate in discussions and serve on committees. Non-voting membership may be extended or withdrawn to persons outside of the above categories by a majority vote of the faculty forum membership.

Article 4 – Executive Board

The executive board (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) of this organization shall be elected in May from a slate of eligible members of the faculty forum for a two (2) year term.

  1. Members of the faculty forum executive board shall be its officers, academic divisional representatives, an adjunct faculty representative, and the immediate past president.
  • The officers of the faculty forum shall be a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer. Officers may serve up to two consecutive two (2) year terms and may run for additional terms, provided a gap of at least one two (2) year term has occurred.
  • The vice president, secretary, and treasurer shall be the divisional representatives for their respective divisions.
  • The president shall not be a divisional representative.
  • Each academic division shall elect one (1) representative to serve a two (2) year term on the executive board by May 15th of even-numbered years. The divisional representative shall serve one 2-year term and may run for additional terms, provided a gap of at least one two (2) year term has occurred..
  • Adjunct faculty shall elect one (1) voting representative to serve a one (1) year term on the executive board. The adjunct faculty representative may serve one term, and may run for additional terms if re-elected by a plurality vote of adjuncts.
  • The faculty forum immediate past president shall serve on executive board in an ex-officio capacity for one (1) year.
  1. Vacancies shall be filled as follow:
  • In case of a vacancy in the office president, the vice president shall become president and complete the remainder of the term. A new vice president shall be elected by the faculty at the next faculty forum general meeting.
  • A vacancy in the office of vice president, secretary, or treasurer shall be filled at the next faculty forum general meeting for the remainder of that officer’s term.
  • Vacancies for division representatives shall be filled by their respective divisions for the remainder of the 2-year term.
  • Vacancies for adjunct representative shall be filled by a majority of voting adjuncts using an online survey tool or similar method. The newly elected adjunct will complete the remainder of the term.
  1. An executive board member may be removed from the board by majority vote of the executive board or by survey after consultation with the member’s division.
  2. Duties of faculty executive board:
  • President – The president shall: a) provide an agenda for all meetings and see that the business of the faculty forum runs effectively; b) preside at all meetings of the executive board and the faculty forum; if the president is unable to attend, the president will notify the vice president to preside in the president’s absence; c)have the power to speak in the name of the faculty forum after the president is reasonably sure that the president’s ideas represent the views of the faculty; and d) represent Faculty Forum on augmented team, the panning council, and the graduation committee; e) attend board of trustees meetings monthly; f) meet with the VPAA monthly; f) carry the mace at graduation; g) provide the executive board members of the faculty forum with a brief account of the board of trustees’ proceedings shortly after each general meeting to be included in future faculty updates.
  • Vice President – The vice president shall: a) act in the absence of the president and assume the duties of the president should the president be unable to carry out those duties and b) meet with the VPAA monthly c) serve on college council while Vice President; and d)keep the archival records of the organization.
  • Secretary – The secretary shall: a)keep the only official faculty forum minutes of all meetings, which will be posted to all members of the faculty forum on an electronic bulletin board monthly and b) shall keep permanent records of the proceedings of the faculty forum, all committees, and administrative memoranda (to include general memoranda, as well as direct communications, to the faculty forum president).
  • Treasurer – The treasurer shall: a) be responsible for all monies collected through faculty forum; b) maintain a record of all income and expenditures; and provide a treasurer’s report, which is a standing agenda item for all faculty forum meetings.
  • The executive board representatives shall: a) represent the faculty members of their respective divisions at the monthly meeting of the executive board; b) serve as agents and conduits for their divisional colleagues, and shall have the authority to speak in the name of faculty division members after the representatives are reasonably sure that their ideas represent the views of faculty division members; c) convey their colleagues concerns, questions, and recommendations to the executive board.
  • The executive board shall: a) conduct and respond to the monthly business of the forum; b) disseminate information back to the general membership; and c) be responsible for polling and compiling their divisional constituents on votes that require a faculty referendum. Otherwise, the members shall be a working committee of the whole forum assisting the president in representing and determining faculty interests.
  1. Elections of officers and adjunct faculty representative shall be held in the month of May during a general meeting. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by divisions prior to the meeting. Nominations shall be submitted to the executive board at least one week prior to voting. If there are no candidates for a position on the date of election, candidates may be nominated from the floor. All voting members of the faculty forum shall cast one vote for each office and a majority vote will be required for election to office. If a quorum is not attained at the meeting, electronic voting shall be conducted. Adjunct faculty representative election shall be conducted with electronic voting. The elected officers shall take office upon the conclusion of the meeting.

Forum committees, temporary or standing, may be created or dissolved by a majority vote of the voting members of the executive committee of faculty forum attending a general meeting. Committee members will be elected by majority vote of the general faculty forum for the term specified.

Article 5 – Meetings and Quorum

  1. Meetings of the executive board of the faculty forum will be held once a month. An agenda for these meetings must be submitted to the board members at least two days prior to the meeting. Additional meetings may be called by the president or by a majority vote of the executive board.
  • Faculty may attend executive board meetings. They may participate in all discussions, but may not vote.
  • Minutes of the executive board meetings will be available to the general membership via divisional representatives.
  1. There will be at least three general meetings of the faculty forum during the academic year. Additional meetings may be called by a majority vote of the executive board. The agenda must be submitted to board members at least two days prior to the meeting.
  2. A quorum for the general faculty forum shall be 25 percent of full-time faculty members that includes at least two members of the executive board. A quorum for the executive board shall be a majority of the voting members.
  3. The meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules, Newly Revised.

Article 6 – Faculty Committee Members

The faculty forum shall elect faculty representatives to the following committees (and others as designated by the college leadership) by electronic ballot as needed:

  1. College Council (1member + the Faculty Forum Vice President)
  2. Salary & Benefits (3 members)
  3. Curriculum Council (2 members)
  4. Care Team (1 member)
  5. Foundation Board (1 member)
  6. AFACCT (1 member)
  7. Technology Committee (2 members)
  8. VPAA Plus (President + Vice President)

The faculty members of each of these committees shall electronically post the minutes of each committee meeting. Before any important action is undertaken by the committee, it is the responsibility of the elected faculty members of these committees to bring these items to the faculty forum executive board or general meeting for discussion to promote a better-informed faculty, as well as, to ascertain the faculty’s position on these matters.

Article 7 – Amendment

These bylaws may be amended in whole or in part by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting members of the faculty forum attending a general meeting of the faculty forum. A copy of all changes must be submitted to all members of the faculty forum at least two weeks prior to action by the forum.

Article 8 – Ratification of Bylaws

The constitution and bylaws, when accepted by a quorum of the faculty forum’s voting membership, will be available to the board of trustees for its review.

Effective Date: 05/14/21

Reviewed by Faculty Forum Executive Committee:  01/29/21

President's Office Use:  VPAA

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