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Curriculum Development and Change Procedure - 40.01.01

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The Role of the Curriculum Council

Howard Community College’s (HCC) curriculum council is responsible for developing policies that facilitate learning programs for formal degrees and certificates. The primary outcome of the curriculum council is to approve new courses and program changes.

The following types of course and program changes must be submitted to the curriculum council for approval:

  • New course;
  • Substantive change to an existing course that results in significant changes in the content of the course. Changes to the course description or course outline, which are editorial in nature and do not result in a significantly different course, do not need to be presented to the curriculum council for approval;
  • Changes to a course’s requisites;
  • Course deletions;
  • Change in course designator;
  • Designation of a course to meet general education requirements;
  • New transfer or career areas of study;
  • Changes to existing transfer or career areas of study; (The curriculum council is not involved in minor course changes that affect the internal operation of only a single division.)
  • Transfer or career area of study deletions; and
  • Changes in academic policies related to curriculum.

Procedures for Curriculum Proposals

The following steps should be completed when submitting a proposal to the curriculum council:

  • The initiator should complete the appropriate parts of the electronic curriculum proposal form.
  • The department chair and dean sign off on the proposal, indicating formal approval by the division. The dean may also make comments on the electronic proposal form.
  • The dean forwards the proposal to the curriculum services manager by the deadline set by the curriculum council.
  • The proposal is reviewed by the curriculum services manager in charge of the catalog.
  • The proposal is presented at the curriculum council meeting by the initiator or designee.
  • The proposal is discussed and eligible to be voted on by the curriculum council at the next meeting.
  • The recommendation of the curriculum council is submitted to the vice president of academic affairs (VPAA) for final approval.
  • The VPAA notifies the curriculum services manager of approval or disapproval of the proposal.
  • The curriculum services manager issues a report to the curriculum council representatives of the college community at the end of the curriculum approval cycle summarizing actions of the curriculum council.
  • New programs, substantive changes in programs, and deletion or inactivation of programs must be submitted to the Maryland Higher Education Commission or other agencies for approval prior to implementation. It is the responsibility of the initiator to complete this process with the assistance of the curriculum services manager in academic affairs.
  • Academic policy changes should be presented in narrative form and must include a statement of impact on students, programs, courses, and resources.

Effective Date: 02/08/19

President's Office Use:  VPAA

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