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Iveren Diwa
I’m thankful for the Silas Craft Collegians program and all of its supporters for believing in me.
Iveren Diwa struggled at the beginning of her time in high school, but eventually found herself striving for excellence at HCC with the aid of the Silas Craft Collegians Program.

At the beginning of her time in high school, Diwa says, “I wasn’t the best in school. I had some major setbacks and didn’t meet the standards I knew I could achieve.”

By the time she graduated from high school, however, Diwa began applying herself more strongly to academics and knew she wanted to be involved in a program at Howard Community College to help her continue building her education efforts successfully.

“I was looking at the HCC website and wanted a place that would be understanding of students who have had setbacks but would work with them to get them on the right path,” she says. “I saw the Silas Craft Collegians Program description and thought it sounded great – small class sizes, one-on-one sessions with teachers, and supportive resources. I gravitated toward that.”

The program played an integral role in positively shaping Diwa’s experience at HCC and boosting her toward her academic and career goals.

“Silas Craft helped me build a foundation for leadership and helped me build up confidence and get my grades on the right track,” she says. “I know that, yes, I had difficult times in life but they don’t determine who I am as a person. I can keep going through hard work and dedication.”

Through tutoring, mentorship, financial assistance and constant encouragement from staff, faculty, and fellow students, Diwa found a support system throughout her time at HCC from the Silas Craft Collegians. Whether seeking help with a challenging math class or learning skills and tips to strengthen her studies, the program enhanced her college experience and helped guide her toward her goals.

For example, while Diwa had always had a vision to pursue a future as a doctor, the experience with the program cemented the path forward and helped her fully believe in her own potential while finding a community to lean on, according to Diwa.

This “sense of family” was the most valuable part of the Silas Craft Collegians experience, she says. “The brotherhood, the sisterhood, the willingness to help each other when we feel we’ve fallen. We’re there for each other, no matter what. That’s one of the best things I love about this program.”

Since graduating with an associate degree in spring 2020, Diwa has been studying at Towson University as a psychology major, working toward her goal of attending medical school and fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor.

“I know I’ll be a great doctor because of the leadership roles I’ve had through the Silas Craft program and because of my willingness to understand and provide emotional support,” Diwa says. “I’m thankful for the Silas Craft Collegians program and all of its supporters for believing in me.”

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