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  • Wednesday, March 3, 2021

    • Centering Relationships for Systems Change (Diversity Index # 4873- On Demand Content) Time: All Day Locations: Online Details:

      Have you struggled to listen to (let alone understand) someone who disagrees with you, how you think, or how you live your life? Do you find yourself unfriending people in your social networks or cutting off relationships because of opposing beliefs? You are not alone. During this session you will learn how fear and power imbalances impact our capacity to communicate and connect with people different from us, and what it means to remain “value-based” in your actions, even in the face of conflict, disagreement, and dominance.

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    • Giving Up Privilege (Diversity Index # 4872- On Demand Content) Time: All Day Locations: Online Details:

      The concept of “privilege” represents a deep misunderstanding of racism and its impacts, instead reifying White supremacy and sowing separation and guilt. During this webinar, you will learn to differentiate between three distinct phenomenon that have been lumped into “White Privilege”: 1) Human Rights, 2) “Systemic Obliviousness,” and, 3) “Entitlement.” We explore how “benefit” and “advantage” narratives—connotations of “privilege”—are counter-productive to solidarity and equity and instead reinforce White supremacy, advocate assimilation, and perpetuate paternalism and defensiveness. We also examine how “privilege” denies the costs to White people as non-targets of racism: loss of humanity, connection, and belonging. NOTE: In this offering we use “White privilege” for teaching concepts that apply to all types of oppression and the use of “privilege” in broader social justice work.

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    • Stopping the Cycle of Oppression (Diversity Index # 4861- On Demand Content) Time: All Day Locations: Online Details:

      No person is born agreeing to oppress others or be oppressed. Young people have an innate sense of justice. We entered the world clear about our significance and ability to make things go well. It takes the systematic mistreatment of young people for us to doubt our goodness, thinking, or power to ensure justice for all. To interrupt the cycle of oppression we will need to recognize how we were hurt and commit to heal from internalized messages of discouragement, helplessness, or powerlessness. Giving up, waiting, or resentfully going it alone are no longer our only options. When we reconnect to our inherent human capacity to heal, we can and will stop the cycle of oppression.

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    • The Power Within - 2021 Virtual Women's Studies Salon Time: 12:00am - 11:59pm Locations: Online Details:

      Power begins within, a blend of wisdom and strength. It can be soft and it can be hard. Join us as we meet a group of inspiring women who found that power within themselves and then refined it before letting it flow into the world. Registrants will receive a link and password to view the event via email confirmation. A LIVE question and answer session is scheduled for Friday, March 19, separate registration required - details below. 

      Historical Characters:
      Thunder, Perfect Mind - Helen Mitchell
      Queen Elizabeth I - Valerie Lash
      Caroline Herschel - Cheryl Campo
      Margaret Booth - Marie Westhaver 
      Sojourner Truth - Barbara Peart
      Dolores (Lolita) Lebron Soto - Adriana Sanchez Perez
      Audre Lorde - Chania Hudson
      Mama Liberia - Dawn Cooper Barnes

    • Clark DeCapite: Momentary
      Clark DeCapite: Momentary Time: 10:00am - 9:00pm Locations: Online Details:

      Clark F. DeCapite, Jr.

      Richard B. Talkin Family Art Virtual Gallery
      February 8th - March 15th, 2021

      Howard Community College Visual Arts Department is proud to feature Linnea Poole and Clark Decapite February 8th - March 14th as a part of the Virtual Exhibition Series. Decapite will give a recorded artist lecture that will accompany the exhibitions. The lecture will be available for viewing on March 16, 2021.


      Through the use of replicated forms taken from dated, often times antiquated objects; I attempt to represent the relationship between the existing and the existed. Much like snapshots taken out of the context of time, each object represents a moment within its previous reality. It is through the representational compiling of moments in time that a new structure is formed, dictated by each individual unit placement in the whole. In choosing to use glass within my work, I attempt to relate the individual objects to an ethereal realm with the aid of the material’s transparent yet structural qualities. Maintaining an earthly presence, the object is grounded under its material weight and through its delicate nature, discussing a tactile existence in which fragility undermines all existing structures present. Through the introduction of flaws often times contrasted by mechanical enrichment, a balance between purity and discord exist.

    • Diverse Short Stories for Broader Perspectives and Representation (Diversity Index # 4666) Time: 10:00am - 11:00am Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      This session will introduce specific short stories by authors from different parts of the world who explore variety of topics. Students and faculty will see a rich and diverse perspectives and wide range of representation in the short stories. Additionally, faculty may see ways to use, share, or include the short stories in their content areas.

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    • HCC at 50: A Blast From the Past
      HCC at 50: A Blast From the Past Time: 10:00am - 9:00pm Locations: Online Details:

      HCC at 50: A Blast from the Past - Daily Life from the First Two Decades

      On behalf of the Howard Community College (HCC) 50th Anniversary History Committee, we are pleased to present this collection of photos from the college archives. This collection presents photographs and documents depicting daily life on the HCC campus during the first two decades. From its earliest years, HCC has been more than just a place of scholarship, but has served as a locality for events, personal and community growth, and diversity.


      We hope that you enjoy this look back at some familiar faces, now-gone locations, fun events, as well as a look into the inner workings of what made our campus tick in the 1970’s and 1980’s. While not all photos have attributions, we must acknowledge the early work of Quent Kardos, who was the college photographer through this time period. His lens did not just capture the events at hand, but also the character of the places and people in these images.


      We hope you enjoy this look back and find, as we did, some of what makes Howard Community College a great place to learn, work, and grow. On behalf of the 50th Anniversary History Committee:

      Janelle Broderick, Brian Cumer, Thomas Engelman, Rosemary Williams

      View Exhibit

    • Career Ambassador Outreach Meetings Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      Career Ambassador Outreach Meetings

      Do you have questions about how Career Services can help you with your career planning? Wondering what resources are best for you and where to start? Sign up via Sign Up Genius to speak with Aria Ma, the student Career Ambassador for Career Services, to ask any questions you may have. Visitors will have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card by completing a brief survey. Click this link to view available dates and times:

    • Consequences are not Suspended for Coursework: How Faculty Can Discuss Race-related Stressors and Racial Trauma with Students (Diversity Index 4669) Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      In counseling, broaching refers to the practice of recognizing how sociopolitical factors influence client concerns while also inviting clients to discuss issues related to cultural diversity. Broaching behavior may also be applied in classroom settings. College students of color may experience distress from race-related stressors and racial trauma that hinders their psychological functioning and ability to engage with coursework. Educators have the opportunity to check-in with their students individually or as a class to discuss the impact of race-related events, foster a safe space in both their classroom and office, and make counseling referrals as needed. Participants engaging in this interactive discussion can expect to do the following: discuss race-related events that took place in 2020 and thus far in 2021 as well as the noticeable impact of these events on students; examine how they approach topics of race as instructors; and discuss how to introduce and navigate topics of race-related stress and racial trauma in the classroom.

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    • Documentary Screening & Chat Engagement: An American Ascent (Diversity Index # 4859) Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      AN AMERICAN ASCENT is a documentary film about the first African-American expedition to climb North America's highest peak, Denali.

      In only a few decades the United States will become a majority-minority nation, as people of color will outnumber today's white majority for the first time ever. Yet, a staggering number of people in this soon-to-be majority do not consider the outdoors a place for them. By taking on the grueling, 20,310 foot peak of the continent's biggest mountain, nine African-American climbers set out to shrink this Adventure Gap by building a legacy of inclusion in the outdoor/adventure community.

      The film addresses often overlooked issues of race and the outdoors as it follows the team up the mountain, chronicling the many challenges of climbing one of the worlds most iconic peaks.

      AN AMERICAN ASCENT is Wild Vision / Floating Point co-production. The film was produced and directed by George Potter & Andy Adkins, and written by Andy Adkins & James Mills. It follows Expedition Denali, a project of the National Outdoor Leadership School.

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    • (re)Building Community in 2021 and Beyond (Diversity Index # 4862) Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      In this session, participants will engage in an interactive workshop around building (and rebuilding) community with students, staff, faculty, and other allies within the HCC community. The ideas and tactics that will be introduced in this workshop are meant to be applicable to our current virtual world, as well as the world we hope to return to post-pandemic. Participants will be asked to step outside of their comfort zone as they attempt to place themselves in each other’s shoes through reflection and empathy mapping. The main objective of this session is to leave participants with new, richer ideas for building a more diverse and inclusive community in 2021 and beyond. This session will be led by Jerome Smalls, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and the co-founder and CEO of SmallTalk, an organization dedicated to youth motivating youth. This program is brought to you by the Silas Craft Collegians Program.

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    • Leading DEI as AAPI Students (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) in a PWI: Reflections, Challenges & Hopes (Diversity Index # 4694) Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      As leaders in our undergraduate business school student government this academic year through our DEI Committee, we are three AAPI students who have been dreaming about and working for a business community at UC Berkeley that welcomes, includes, and works for us all. Join us as we share an overview of our DEI strategy, vision, and experiences; discuss values and tactics that have been important to us in ‘doing the work’ and driving it forward; and reflect on our challenges, lessons learned, hopes, and next steps for the future of the business community on our campus and beyond. This will be an interactive presentation and discussion where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on solutions that can help us move towards an equitable and inclusive environment for all students in higher education.

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    • Signing Black in America (Diversity Index # 4705) Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm Locations: Online (Zoom) Details:

      While African American Language is the most widely recognized ethnic variety of English in the world, the use of American Sign Language (ASL) by Black Americans has been largely ignored or dismissed as part of an assumed ASL system uniformly used by the deaf community in the United States. But ASL, like any language, may show robust diversity, including traits associated with by Black Americans.
      Signing Black in America is the first documentary to highlight the development of Black American Sign Language. Based on extensive interviews with Black signers, linguistic experts, interpreters, natural conversations, and artistic performances by Black ASL users, it documents the development and description of this unique ethnic variety of ASL. This film has been produced by the Language & Life Project of North Carolina State University, one of 14 documentaries about language use in the United Sates (Dr. Walt Wolfram, Executive Producer).
      This session will start with a short presentation, have showing of the 27-minute film, and conclude with a Q & A.

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