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Resources on Tobacco at HCC

A collection of free pamphlets and brochures are available in the tobacco prevention resource area located in Burrill Galleria of the James Clark Library Building (main campus), in our Hickory Ridge Building, and in the Duncan Hall Building.  Auricular Acupuncture is now available for smoking cessation. It is available to faculty, staff, and students of HCC. It will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM-10AM in the Wellness Center. An appointment is NOT necessary.

Join Our Free Smoking Cessation Class

Please contact Tara Rupp at 443-518-4640 to sign up for free smoking cessation classes.

Stop Smoking

Online Smoking Cessation Tools

Self-Help Resources

Our self-help portion of this website segment includes information on quitting smoking and related topics.  Here you will find some excellent resources related to quitting smoking.   This site provides you with useful research data and reports on tobacco-related issues and effects.  Included here are reports from the Surgeon General and information on global tobacco control.   This site features an online interactive "quit site" developed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  The Quit Wizard will help you assess your risk factors, set a quit date, and help keep you smoke-free.  Other features include success stories, expert advice, and an event bulletin board.  Many language options are available, including Spanish, Korean, Hatian-Creole, Russian, and Portuguese.   QuitNet offers quitting guides, personalized quit plans, and forums guided by expert counselors.