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"Intellectual wellness" means being open to new ideas and experiences.  It is the desire to continue learning while stimulating and challenging your mind.  It is the determination to expand your knowledge and improve your skills for a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Intellectual Wellness

  • Read for fun: Pick up a newspaper or educational pamphlet.  By choosing to read, you not only increase your intellect, you remain knowledgeable about current issues and past events.
  • Try to learn something new everyday: Keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas and focus on learning something new each day.
  • Challenge yourself to see more than one side of an issue.
  • Watch educational television and enlighten your mind.
  • Learn to appreciate art: Attend exhibits, plays, musicals, and poetry readings.
  • Attend an educational workshop or seminar, not because you are earning credit, but because you want to increase your knowledge.