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The Wellness Center empowers students to make informed decisions about their health, ultimately enhancing their wellbeing and quality of life.  The Wellness Center offers a variety of educational materials, hosts educational workshops, plans awareness activities, and provides students with referrals as necessary.  Visit the Wellness Center to find out what activities are planned and how to access wellness-related materials. The Wellness Center is located near the Galleria in CL 178. For more information please call 443-518-4950.

What is Wellness

Wellness is a state of optimal wellbeing.  It means achieving balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.  Wellness is achieved through the integration of physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental health.  Wellness is a conscious commitment for continued growth and improvement.  Wellness is not a destination, it’s a continuous journey.

Dimensions of Wellness

picture of physical activity

picture of social activity

picture of emotional activity

picture of spiritual activity

picture of intellectual activity

picture of environmental activity

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