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Student Enhancing Wellness (SEW)

SEW is open to students who are interested in health education, health promotions, and wellness.  Students in this group will plan and implement health awareness campaigns, deliver educational presentations, and assist in the development of the wellness programs at HCC.  Students will also spend time in the Wellness Center doing research and creating health education materials.  This is a great opportunity to be part of the HCC Wellness Center team.


Student Health and Wellness Leaders

The Wellness Center will train students on various health and wellness topics.

Health Promotion Campaigns

SEW will assist the Wellness Center and provide mini health education and awareness activities.

Professional Development

The Wellness Center will offer a unique opportunity for those students interested in pursuing careers in the health field, including health promotions and public health.  Our staff will help plan, organize, give presentations, and participate in health/wellness activities and events on and off campus.