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Safe Campus

Security on Campus

HCC Campus security officers work to ensure a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.. Officers are trained to enforce college policy as it relates to student code of conduct in an attempt to provide a more conducive learning atmosphere. Officers patrol the campus by motor vehicle bicycle and foot responding to emergencies or routine request for assistance.  HCC Security also oversees the campus Lost and Found.

Mobile Alert

The Howard Community College Mobile Alert System enables you to receive instant notification of important campus information to your phone, email, pager, or desktop RSS application.

Emergency Procedures

The College has implemented a number of Emergency Procedures in case of an emergency on campus. Should there be a situation on campus, you will be notified via the electronic clocks in the class room, through HCC's Mobile Alert, or through a PA announcement. The most important things to remember during a emergency are to take the emergency seriously, stay calm, and follow the directions of faculty and staff. Depending on the nature of the emergency, you may be asked to evacuate, shelter in place, or lockdown.

If you are concerned about another student's behavior...

To help provide a safer campus the college formed the ASSIST (Assessment and Intervention for Students Team) Team. The purpose of the ASSIST Team is to assess circumstances involving students of concern and to initiate appropriate responses to specific behavioral problems such as suicidal ideation, threats of harm to self or others, and other behaviors that demonstrate a significant disruption to the college community.

The ASSIST Team will provide referrals for early intervention and support for identified students to help facilitate a successful outcome for the student's well being and the safety of the college community. If you are concerned for the safety of a fellow student or for your own safety due to another student on campus, please report this concern to either Janice Marks, Associate Vice President of Student Development (443-518-4617,, a personal Counselor in the Counseling and Career Services office (443-518-1340, RCF 302,) or by informing Security at 443-518-5555.

Student Code of Conduct

To help promote a safe and thriving learning environment, the Student Code of Conduct outlines expectations for student behavior, as well as consequences for violating these expectations.  The Student Code of Conduct covers behaviors relating to academic honesty, forgery, harrassment (including sexual harrassment), property destruction, theft, disorderly conduct, and illegal substances, among others.  Please see the Student Handbook for the complete text of the Student Code of Conduct, linked in the Index.

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