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People are often surprised by the size of Howard Community College.  Here is a guide to what is housed in the buildings of HCC, and a campus map to help you find what you're looking for.

If you have time, download the Campus Tour Podcast and tour the campus from the RCF Lobby.  You can also check out a Virtual Photo Tour on Flickr.

In the meantime, get familiar with the campus using the map and descriptions below.

HCC Campus

AF - Athletics and Fitness Center - The Athletics and Fitness Center houses a gym, fitness center, and swimming pool.  Many Life Fitness classes are held in this building.

CL - James A. Clark Library - The Library and numerous classrooms can be found in this building.  The Library is on the second floor, and there is a computer lab located on the first floor, as well as the International Education Office.  The CL building is connected to the ST, N, and SA buildings.

CLC - Children's Learning Center - The CLC is HCC's onsite childcare facility.

DH - Mary Ellen Duncan Hall for English, Languages, and Business - Most English, World Language, and Business classes are held in this building.  DH also has a computer lab on the first floor and a lounge where students can hang out or study.  The English and World Languages and Business Division Offices, are located on the second floor, and the Center for Service Learning and Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center are located on the third floor.

GAL - Burrill Galleria - This building is generally used for presentations and performances.  Comfortable chairs and coffee tables are available.

HVPA - Peter and Elizabeth Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center - Also known as the Horowitz Building.  This building contains several performance venues, dance studios, and a TV studio.  Most music, visual arts and performing arts classes are held in this building, and the Arts and Humanities Division Office is found on the second floor.

HR - Hickory Ridge Building - This building is home to the Math Division Office, the English Language Institute, and Continuing Education.  Most math classes are held in this building, and the Math Lab is available for those who need assistance.

MH - Patrick and Jill McCuan Hall - This building includes a few classrooms and an art gallery, as well as the Alumni and Development Office and Rep Stage Office.  McCuan Hall is connected to the N Building and HVPA.

N - Nursing Building - Primarily classrooms, most Health Sciences courses are held in this building.  The N Building is attached to MH, CL, and SA.

RCF - Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall - Most student services can be found in this building.  Cafe on the Quad, the Book Store, and Security are on the first floor.  Records, Registration and Veterans Affairs, Financial Aid, and the Cashier's Office are on the second floor.  Counseling and Career Services, the Learning Assistance Center, and the Test Center are found on the third floor.  The fourth floor has two multi-purpose rooms that are used for campus events.

SA - Student Activities - These rooms are located at the end of the Burrill Galleria.  The Office of Student Life and Game Room can be found here.

ST - Science and Technology - Most science classes are held on the first and second floor of this building.  Culinary courses are held in the bottom floor.  The Science and Technology Division Office is located on the second floor, and the Social Sciences and Health Sciences Offices are located on the first floor.  This building is attached to the CL and SA.

TA- Temporary Classrooms - These classrooms are located behind the HVPA and MH.

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