Web Services

Student Email

When you register for a credit course at Howard Community College, a personal HCC student email account is automatically created for you.  HCC encourages you to use this account to communicate with your instructors and classmates as well as to receive notification of upcoming college events and activities.

HCC Express

HCC Express.net is online software that allows students to search and register for available HCC courses, view and adjust their class schedule, pay their bills, check their grades and course history, and view their financial aid and scholarship status.  As a credit student, you can access registration and other features after your application for admission is approved.


Canvas is the online course delivery system used by HCC. Supplemental materials for many on campus courses are also made available through Canvas. Faculty post announcements, assignments, test and quizzes for students. Students can also communicate with instructors and peers through Canvas messaging and discussion boards.

Wireless Internet

Connect to HCC's FREE wireless Internet!  Available to registered credit students, in numerous wireless zones all over the campus.  Look for the wireless zone signs, boot up your device, see the HCCOPEN network.  Then, open your browser and log in using your HCC Login ID and password.

Computer Study Labs

HCC’s open computer study labs are available for current registered credit and ESL students, faculty, staff, and alumni with current HCC login credentials.  Choose a computer and log in using your HCC login ID and password.

Other Computers on Campus

Computers are located throughout campus for student use.  They can be found in front of the Student Life Office, in the Duncan Hall Lobby, and in the Café on the Quad.

How to Access Online Services

Your HCC Login ID is the same for HCC Express, HCC Student Email, and CE6. Your HCC Login ID consists of: the first character of your first name + the first 7 characters of your last name + the last 4 digits of your student ID number, all in lowercase.   Your student ID number can be found on your class schedule, registration documents, or HCC photo ID.  If you need help finding your HCC Login ID, you can use an online utility provided on the HCC Express login page entitled "What's My User ID?"                                                   

The initial password for all of your accounts is set to your six-digit birth date in mmddyy format.  However, please note that your three accounts are not linked.  Because HCC Express may contain sensitive data such as your grades, it requires you to change your password.  The other HCC accounts recommend password changes but do not require them.   A password change in HCC Express will not affect other account passwords.

If you ever need assistance understanding the online services, or logging into your HCC online accounts, contact the HCC Technology Help Desk at 443-518-4444, helpdesk@howardcc.edu, or via online forms on the Help Desk website.

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