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Student Life

What is There to Do?

Find out what's going on around campus by looking at the Events Calendar on the HCC homepage or join the Student Life Facebook group - HCC Student Life Events.  A weekly Student Life Events email also goes to your HCC email every Friday with details about the following week's events.

Student Government Association

The SGA is designed to provide a vehicle for student involvement in the administration, legislation and judicial governance of the College. The Student Government Association also participates in affecting student monies and events, in shaping policies, in forming student regulations, and in governing student organizations.

Student Program Board

The Student Program Board (SPB) is responsible for selecting, planning, and implementing a diverse program of activities for all students. Some of the major events coordinated by the SPB include the Annual Costume Ball, Movie Mondays, and Spring Fling, and many, many more.


The HCC Times is published once a month and serves as the student body voice on news and issues; it also provides an opportunity for students to see their creative efforts in print. Students are encouraged to share their writing skills, creativity, and opinions as part of the publication. HCC students may earn college credit for work on this publication.


The Office of Student Life offers a variety of programs that focus on leadership. You can create a portfolio that chronicles your collegiate journey,  speak to legislators in support of HCC or interact with student leaders attending community colleges throughout the state.  Get involved with Dragons Dare to Lead and earn a statewide leadership certification!

Game Room

The Game Room is equipped with a widescreen TV, pool tables, table tennis, and a video game systefree of charge for students. Board games and tables are also ­provided for student enjoyment.

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