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Music, Theatre, Arts and More!

Rep Stage Theatre Company

Rep Stage is a professional theatre-in-residence at Howard Community College, and is the only program of its kind in the country, as well as the only professional theatre company between Baltimore and Washington DC.  Rep Stage engages in education every day of operation with HCC students involved in every aspect of production, for example, students work in the shop, on electrics crews, in wardrobe, as production assistants, assistants to the directors, as well as on stage.

Student Arts Collective

The Arts Collective produces a myriad of eclectic, collaborative, artistic events, showcases, info sessions, workshops, and more, year-round, proudly showcasing the work of HCC Students, Alumni, Staff, and Professional Guest Artists.  The Arts Collective is all about offering inspiring, diverse, rousing, thought-provoking projects each and every season!  Auditions are held for our productions, improv group, dance company,
and special projects.  They are open to all current and past students, staff, and, from time to time, local guest artists.  Notices are posted via our website, mailing lists, and around campus.

What Improv Group?

Through games, props, costumes and music, “What Improv Group?!?!” tackles topics ranging from the seriously funny to the thought provoking and moving.

Music Ensembles

We invite you to read about the many classes and ensembles the Music Institute at HCC has to offer. Learning about music in a group environment presents many opportunities to learn from and make music with your fellow students.

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