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Welcome to Howard Community College's Online New Student Orientation!  This Orientation is designed to help you become familiar with the College, as well as act a resource that you can refer back to throughout your time at Howard Community College.

This Online Orientation covers everything you need to know about being successful at Howard Community College, including:

  • What to Expect at Howard Community College
  • Academics and Advising 
  • Paying for College
  • Services for Success
  • Getting Involved
  • Your First-Year Experience

We encourage you to go through all of the sections of the Online Orientation - not necessarily all at once, but at your leisure, so you can grasp the wealth of information here.  Click on the tabs at the top of the page to enter a topic, then use either the side menu or the Back/Forward arrows at the bottom of the screen to move through each section.

Looking for more information on any topic?  Go to the "Index" tab, where you can find webpages and contact information for every subject covered.  If you still have questions or have any feedback for our Online Orientation, please email

Best wishes for your time here at HCC!

President's Welcome
Student  Interviews

Hello. I’m Dr. Kate Hetherington, President of Howard Community College. (Inhale)Welcome! We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen HCC to pursue your educational goals. (Inhale) This orientation is an important first step on that pathway. (Inhale) I hope that you’ll take the time to explore our vibrant, innovative campus,(Inhale) learn about the many resources and services available to support you (Inhale) and get to know the faculty and staff, who are dedicated to helping you succeed. (Inhale) I wish you all the best as you begin your journey here at HCC (Inhale) and look forward to seeing you around campus.



My name is Gian Carlo Simpson. I am a recent graduate from Howard Community College. I’m Tom Hicks (Deep breath) and I’m a student here at HCC. My name is Toni Bailum and I’m a nursing major here at Howard Community College. (Inhale) My name is Kechi Amaefule and the reasons why I love HCC is because there’s so much to get involved with and the people and the environment are so welcoming. My name is Danielle Zack and I love HCC because it’s a great college. I really enjoy ( Pause) being a student here and  I that’s what I tell people almost  everyday. Nursing to me is not just something that you learn. You have to possess (inhale) uh a passion for it and every teacher here has that passion in their heart and they pass it on to their students. I love the classes here. The professors are understanding (Inhale). They really want you to succeed. I made sure I took advantage of the resources available such as the library. (Pause) Uh man I lived in the library for hours and for days. Um, (sucks teeth) I took advantage of tutoring. Tried out and I made the volleyball team and the basketball team. ( Inhale) So I played uhm these last semesters with them. I’m part of the business entrepreneurship club. I’m part of the math club. I’m part of (Pause) the SGA club at school. Along with all my campus activities, I was in the What ? Improve Group in the Theater department. You can’t just go here and just go home. There’s, there’s more out there for you. Um, (Pause) I can definitely say that, you know, you might think of it as a Community College. It might not be something that you might be interested in. You might want to, you know, just come come here and go home but trust me (Inhale) from from experience getting involved open up a lot of doors, a lot of opportunities ,eh, that I guarantee that you, that, that you’ll benefit from, you’ll grow from. I have.

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