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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

The goal of the Student Support Services Program is to target more intensive support services to three poplulations of students in order to improve their retention in college to the successful completion of a degree or certificate and/or transfer to a four–year college. The three populations of students served by the SSS Program are:

  • Students who are considered low income by federal guidelines for income and family size;
  • First-generation college students (neither parent received a four-year degree), and/or;
  • Students with documented disabilities, for example, physical, psychiatric, or learning disabled; one-third of the students with disabilities in the SSSP must also be low income.

Students do not have to meet all of the above criteria, but must meet at least one to be eligible for services.  Qualified students receive, one –to-one tutoring, advising and scheduling, financial aid assistance, academic accommodations and transfer counseling.

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