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More About Majors

Learn about Your Major

Make sure you know what to expect from your major.  What classes are required?  What electives should you take?  What activities should you get involved in to enhance your learning?  Follow the links below to find out more about your major, and make sure to use your Division faculty as a resource!  Don't be afraid to ask questions.

One of the best sources of information about your major is the College Catalog, which can be found in Admissions and Advising, Records and Registration, and online.  This book outlines the requirements for all majors, as well as detailed course descriptions.  Much of this information can also be found on the HCC website under "Academics," linked in the Index.

To get even more information about your major and have your questions answered, stop by the Division Office for your major. 

Division Office Locations:

  • Arts and Humanities - HVPA 200, 443-518-4940
  • Business and Computers - DH 239, 443-518-1520
  • English and World Languages - DH 239, 443-518-4441
  • Health Sciences - ST 149, 443-518-4832
  • Mathematics - HR 300, 443-518-4440
  • Science and Technology - ST 248, 443-518-4827
  • Social Sciences and Teacher Education - ST 149, 443-518-4832


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