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Event Exhibits

Exhibits before and after each event will include representatives from NASA, HCC clubs, and local organizations.

Engineer a Satellite

Build your own Earth observing satellite model. Discover the types of instruments scientists use to observe the Earth system and engineer a model with all the satellite subsystems. Calculate the power required and determine the size of the solar array and battery capacity. Test your model for launch readiness to select your launch vehicle. Ginger Butcher, NASA/Sigma Space

 Is the Antarctic warming or cooling?
Can NASA data show how much glaciers are melting?

Discover a Dynamic Planet

The Dynamic Planet is a digital video globe that allows users to view and explore dynamic digital images of the earth, other planets and space. NASA uses their Dynamic Planet extensively to help students and the public understand how NASA satellites contribute to a better understanding of our home planet, solar system, and the universe. Steve Graham, NASA GSFC/Wyle Information Systems.

The Dynamic Planet

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