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Why myHCC?
We want to make it easier for you to share information and to collaborate.  This tool specializes in both!  You will be able to more quickly locate information intended for you as a student or employee of HCC.  You'll also be able to easily work together with any team you're a part of to share documents, team announcements, calendars and more.

How will this be different than using the S: drive?
One of the main goals of bringing in myHCC is to make it easier to locate and share information.  With myHCC, you will be able to search for files based on their content as opposed to having to know or guess their location.

What will happen to other shared drives that are currently private?
These drives will continue to exist as they are.

How will we be able to communicate differently?
Instead of continuing to receive many "everybody" emails, we'll be able to log on to myHCC and view notices in three categories: Announcements, For Your Information and Get Involved.  The information we need to communicate may still come in large quantities, but it will come in a more organized way.

Will email change?
In order to ensure that we can sign on one time to access myHCC, email has changed.  [read more about changes to email]

How will the Intranet change?
The information on the Intranet will move to myHCC.  You'll be able to quickly get to the services you need as an employee.

Can I access myHCC from home?

Can I access myHCC from a mobile device?
Although you can see some things, it is not yet ready to be used in its entirety on a mobile device.  This feature is coming in the future.

How am I going to learn how to use myHCC?
There will be training and information available online and in the classroom, based on your level of responsibility for contributing to the portal.

What will I need to do to prepare for the implementation of myHCC?
Review the files you have on the S: drive and delete ones that are no longer needed.
Move files that are not for sharing to another location that is private or off of the network completely (flash drive/CD).