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Employee E-mail FAQ

Q:  How do I get an HCC email address assigned to me?

All HCC employees are assigned an email account when they complete and register for the new employee training sessions. The new employee trainings sesions can be found here.

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Q: What is the Access & Responsibility training?

A: Access & Responsibility training is required for all HCC employees.  The issues of Access and Responsibility are a part of the college’s Policies and Procedures of Ethics and Conduct and must be adhered to by all employees. 

The training takes about 10 minutes and can be completed online.  You will need a computer with Internet access and speakers or a headset.  The training is located at:

Upon completion of training and after filling out the training evaluation form, a notification is automatically generated and electronically submitted to the Office of Human Resources.  Human Resources staff forwards the relevant employee information to the Information Technology department for creating email accounts. 

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Q: How do I access my email account?

A: On campus, use Microsoft Outlook on your assigned computer.  You can also use Outlook Web Access (OWA), an abbreviated version of Outlook, to access your email on any computer with Internet access, on or off campus.  From the main college web page there is a link for email in the upper right corner. Email is also accessable through myHCC. The first time you log into myHCC there will be a message in the center of the page that prompts for your Windows Credentials. You should enter your HCC Login ID and password to connect your email account to myHCC.

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Q: How do I find out my HCC email address, Login ID (User Name) and Password?

A: If you are an employee on campus, the IT Department will contact you with your login information. If you are an adjunct faculty member, your division office staff can assist you.  Your email address will be your first initial followed and your full last name followed by Your password to log into your email account will be the one that you have set through Password Services. If you have not set or need to reset your password you will need to do so through Password Services.

You can also contact the Help Desk   if you need more information or personal assistance.

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Q: When I log in, I get a web browser error saying, "The page must be viewed with a high-security web browser."  What does this error mean?

A: OWA requires your browser to use 128-bit encryption.  

If you are using Internet Explorer:  Click Help / About, and an information screen will appear.  If the setting "Cipher Strength:" is not 128-bit, then click on "Update Information."  A new browser window will open, taking you to the Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack download page.  Follow the directions to install 128-bit encryption for the version of Internet Explorer that you currently have installed. 

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Q: I have been unsuccessful logging into my email account.  What do I do?

A: If you are a new employee, your account may not have been created yet; sometimes this takes one or two business days to accomplish. If you have an established working account and now you can't login, it may be due to a mistyped password, your account is locked out or expired, or any number of other reasons. In either case, please contact the Help Desk and we will assist you with logging in.

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Q: I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

A: To reset or manage your password information please visit the Password Services page. Your email password is case sensitive, which means that if you are using capital letters you need to type it in exactly as you originally set it. If you mistype your password multiple times, your account will be locked out for ten minutes before you can attempt to log in again.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: To reset or manage your password information please visit the Password Services page.

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Q: When I open my mailbox within Outlook Web Access (OWA), why do I not see all of my messages?

A: OWA will display 25 messages per page. In the bottom right portion of your mailbox screen, use the page arrow to scroll to the next page(s) to see the rest of your messages. You can increase the number of messages that display on a page by clicking Options at the top right of the screen then clicking on Messaging on the left.

Note:  If you create folders within "Personal Folders" in your mailbox and store mail there, Personal Folders are not accessible from any other computer via OWA because they are stored on the computer's hard drive, not the email server.    

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Q: How large is my mailbox?

A: If you are a full-time employee the default mailbox size is 500 megabytes. If you are a part-time employee, the default mailbox size is 250 megabytes. You will receive a warning message when you have reached 90% capacity.  Once you exceed your mailbox limit, you will no longer be able to send or receive new mail, until you clean out your mailbox.  

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Q: How do I create a distribution list within Outlook Web Access?  

A: Click on the little down arrow, next to the "New" button.  You will be presented with a drop down menu with multiple choices. Select Distribution List.

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Q: What do the unmarked icons within OWA mean?

A: If you hold your cursor over an icon for a few moments, an icon label will appear defining the icon.

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Q: How do I display the Global Address List within OWA?

A: Create a new mail message and press the TO button to display address books.  You may scroll to view additional address books. 

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Q: How can I quickly skim my email and delete unwanted messages?

A: Open the first message at the top of the page. Once you have read this message instead of closing or deleting it, use the down arrow to view the next message. Continue using the up or down arrows to skim the list of messages. You can then close the message you are reading, highlight the messages that you want to delete, and click on the "X" icon.  By highlighting messages while holding down the shift or control key, you can highlight multiple message and then click on the delete icon (X).

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Q: Does the college use an email content scanner to block SPAM?

A: Yes, the college uses a content scanner to try and minimize the effects of malware and SPAM from Internet email.  It attempts to block messages that contain profanity, SPAM advertisements, and other junk email content, using a set of sophisticated rules to minimize the blocking of legitimate email.  If you do not receive a legitimate message that was sent to you and believe that it may have been blocked by our content scanner, please contact the Help Desk.  Provide as much detail as possible, such as email address of the sender, and approximate date and time the message was sent.

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Q: I have not checked my email for a long time, and I have accumulated many messages. How can I efficiently clean my mailbox without having to individually check and delete all messages?

A: If you have accumulated so much mail that it is cumbersome to clean out, and/or you have received System Administrator messages that your mailbox is full, contact the Help Desk. Help Desk will create a work order for an email System Administrator to run a "clean mailbox" utility on your mailbox with guided parameters that you agree upon. (Example: Delete all unread mail older than 30, 60, 90 or more days).  This may take 1 or 2 business days to complete, so we suggest you do an initial clean up to free some space.  You can run the built in Outlook utility to help you with Mailbox Cleanup, or sort your messages in various folders by clicking on the size column and deleting your largest messages.  You can save large file attachments to your computer's hard drive or to a flash drive and then delete the message.  Don't forget to check your Sent Items folder and empty your Deleted Items folder after doing your clean up. 

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Q: How do I properly log off of OWA?

A: On the top right bar, click Log Off and then close you Internet browser. You have now properly and securely terminated the connection to your mailbox.

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