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About HCC student email

When you register for a credit course at Howard Community College, a personal HCC student email account is automatically created for you. Your HCC email address is the official email address for communication with the college. Make sure you check your email regularly. Students are expected to read all information received at their HCC email account; don't miss out on important information such as dates and deadlines, financial aid information, graduation notifications, and campus activities. Be sure to delete unwanted emails and empty the Deleted Items Folder to ensure you can send and receive email. You are expected to adhere to all college procedures and guidelines while using your email.  We will make every effort to ensure the privacy of your student record. HCC encourages you to use this account to communicate with your instructors and classmates as well as to receive notification of upcoming college events and activities.  You can read and send email from any computer with Internet access.   You can also use your email credentials (HCC Student Login ID and password) to log into myHCC. If you need assistance with your HCC email account you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Help Desk at 443-518-444.

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Your HCC Login ID

If you have forgotten your login ID, please refer to your New Student documents, contact the HCC Help Desk for assistance, or use the "What's my User ID" link on HCC Express.

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Your HCC student email address

Your HCC email address is your
Example:  Art Vandelay's HCC email address is

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Your HCC student email password

Your HCC email password will be the password that you have set through Password Services. You will need to set up your account password through Password Services before logging in for the first time.

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Setting up email on your smartphone

Smartphones vary as to their exact setup requirements, but the following information should help you sync your email with your phone:

Guide for iPhone users

Guide for Android Users

If you need assistance with your username or password, please contact the HCC Help Desk at (443)518-4444, or see the Help Desk and Lab Staff in DH 110 and CL 129.

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Important note about other HCC login accounts

Your HCC login ID is the same for myHCC, HCC student email, and Canvas.  However, these accounts are not linked.  The password that you set through Password Services will be your password for all of your HCC account except Canvas. A password change in Password Services will not affect your Canvas account. To change your Canvas password please select the 'Forgot Password' link on the Canvas login page.

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Security and Privacy

To prevent unauthorized access to your private information:

  • Do not share your HCC Student ID number or passwords with anyone.
  • When finished using your account, log out and close your browser.

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