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Student printing and copying

... in open computer study labs                                 
At the beginning of each semester, student login accounts are credited with 250 free sheets for black ink printing for combined use in the open computer study labs, Room DH-110 and CL-129, the Learning Assistance Center, Room RCF-340 and the Library, Room CL-200.  Lab printers are configured by default for duplex (double-sided) printing.  Therefore, the maximum number of printed pages at no cost could be up to 500 if all prints are duplex.  In keeping with the college's goal of reducing paper waste, HCC faculty accept duplex printed assignments and papers.  If you prefer to print single-sided prints, that can be done by adjusting the printer properties in your document.  Please ask the lab staff for assistance.  Alumni, noncredit students and guests are not given a free paper credit.

Carefully manage your printing to be sure your request to print is what you want.  The printing system displays information in several places to advise you of your print job size and balance of free pages remaining.  We do not credit students for lost pages due to your error.  After reaching the 250 sheet limit, pay for subsequent prints using a purchased Debitek card.  There is a vending machine located in the study labs for purchasing Debitek cards and adding value to the cards.  The cost of additional black ink prints is 10¢ per single-sided print and 15¢ per duplex.  

Printing PowerPoint slides.  You will conserve your free page allocation and printing time if you print PowerPoint slides efficiently at 6 slides per page.  For example, a presentation consisting of 24 slides can be printed using only 2 of your 250 free sheets if you choose to print as a "handout" with 6 slides per page and keep the default duplex setting.  Open your file in PowerPoint.  Click file/print, select handouts under print what, and accept the default of 6 slides per page.   Ask lab staff if you need assistance.

Color printing.  Color printing is available in DH-110 and CL129 for 75¢ per print.  There are no free color pages credited to student accounts.  Since duplex is not recommended for color prints, the color printer is configured for single-side printing by defaultCarefully preview the document or picture before sending it to the color printer.  As an additional precaution, we recommend printing one copy to the black ink printer first.  If you need multiple color prints, we also recommend printing one copy first to verify it is what you want before you send the remaining copies.  Refunds will not be given for your errors. 

Since lab computers are configured by default to print to the black ink printers, manually change to the color printer from the drop down menu in the Print dialog box in your document.  Ask lab staff if you need assistance. 

Print stations.  Students must name every document sent to the printers.  When you want to "release" the named documents to print, log in to the print station using your HCC Login ID, review your list of documents, select the document you want printed, and press print.  Note that when you highlight a print job, a box in the left bottom corner of the screen displays how many pages that document is.  View this box to ensure this is what you want to print.  Sometimes students want to print 1 displayed page from a web site, not realizing the entire web page consists of numerous printable pages.  Press logoff when done sending your print jobs to the printer.  Print jobs are automatically deleted from the queue if they are not retrieved from the print station within two hours.

Copy machines.  There are no photocopiers in the open computer labs.  For photocopier locations, please see HCC Library information below.

... in the Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC), located in the Student Services Building, RCF 340, provides a computer lab for students to use during their hours of operation.  This lab is equipped with the Debitek print system, sharing the free pages credited to student login accounts for the open labs (above) each semester.  Please see section above for information about free printing, login and printing instructions.  The existing LAC printer is not capable of printing duplex and color printing is not available.

... in the HCC Library

The library is equipped with a photocopier and printers.  Students may print articles and information from the Internet or the library's research tools, but not documents from a disk or other media.  To pay for photocopying, purchase a Debitek card from the vending machine located on the wall near the copy machine.  Copies cost 20¢ per page.  The library computers use the Debitek print system, sharing the free pages credited to student login accounts for the open labs (see above) each semester.  Please see section above for information about free printing, login and printing instructions.

... in the Health Sciences open computer lab

Located in Room HS 266, this open lab also provides convenient computers and printers for student use.  Login and printing instructions are the same as described above.  

... in classrooms

Most HCC computer classrooms are equipped with printers for instructors to print class materials.  Instructors may ask students to print class work occasionally.  Students are not permitted to print documents in the classrooms without prior approval from the instructor. 

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