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Computer Study Lab Rules

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Our goal is to maintain a quiet, clean, and comfortable environment in the computer study labs.  Therefore, we ask that you follow our lab rules, for the benefit of all students.  

  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the labs
  • Turn off cell phones or set them to vibrate, and take incoming calls outside
  • Keep personal conversations to a minimum and at a low volume
  • Do not bring children into the labs
  • Be willing to relocate if another student needs a raised-height desk, specialized software or hardware at the station you are using
  • Follow the instructions of lab staff to evacuate immediately in the event of an emergency

We strictly prohibit:

  • Viewing pornographic material on college computers
  • Downloading or installing applications onto college computers without authorization
  • Transmitting any communication that would violate the law or regulations
  • Copying or transferring copyrighted software
  • Plugging a personal laptop or other device into the college network
  • Interfering with or disrupting other users of the college network or the labs.  Such disruptions include downloading large volumes of files, streaming video, etc., which diminishes the bandwidth available for all internet users on campus.
  • Propagating computer viruses; spamming; sending chain letters or slanderous materials
  • File and music sharing*
  • Tampering with, attempting to repair, or abusing college equipment
  • Using college equipment for commercial activities or financial gain

HCC does not tolerate music and other file sharing on its network.  Network staff may follow preventive as well as monitoring practices to ensure compliance.  Please click on heading above for more information about this important topic.  

If the lab becomes full, we will follow this priority access order:

  1. Registered HCC credit students working on class assignments
  2. All other HCC credit students
  3. Non-students with alumni login accounts
  4. Noncredit students with special permission

Serious or repeated violations of the lab rules or acceptable use of technology policies, or failure to follow instructions from lab staff, may result in expulsion from the lab, removal from the campus by campus security, and/or disciplinary action under the student code of conduct.

See the Acceptable Use of Campus Technology policy in the Student Handbook for more details.

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