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emergency phone

Emergency phones are located throughout the campus' buildings and grounds.  There are three types; red, blue and the elevator phones.  All can be used to contact the Department of Public Safety at any time.  Red security phones are located throughout the buildings and outside entrances.  Blue light phones are on the paths and parking areas.  Elevator phones are located in each elevator.  By picking up a red phone or pushing the button on a blue light phone, the call goes to the security office and patrol units.  Elevator phones connect to a 24 hour elevator repair service who will call Security and send a repair person if needed. 

In addition to requesting help, the security phones can be used to contact the Department of Public Safety for the following:

  • report a suspicious person
  • request medical service
  • request escort service
  • report an incident
  • recover property
  • report thefts
  • request building or room access
  • report disorderly conduct



Emergency Number

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