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Personal Counseling for Students

Students enrolled in classes at HCC are eligible for full personal counseling services at NO COST.  Students are eligible for personal counseling services during the summer if they: are enrolled in classes when services are provided, were enrolled in the previous semester, and/or are registered for the coming semester.  HCC alumni may also be eligible for limited personal counseling, consultation, and referral to community resources.

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Making your first appointment (intake) for personal counseling.

When you first enter our receptionist area, an “intake” appointment will be scheduled for you.  During your scheduled “intake,” your counselor may be able to provide the assistance you need immediately; or, you and your counselor will determine the number and frequency of your sessions.  If you would benefit from services elsewhere, your counselor can assist you in locating other resources.  You and your counselor will decide on the best course of action for your needs. To make an appointment with a personal counselor, call 443-518-1340.

During a student's first counseling appointment, the counselor will assess the student's needs to determine the best course of action for the student.  The counselor will discuss the appropriate service options with the student. Depending on the student's needs, he/she may participate in individual or group counseling sessions. If referred for individual counseling, the student will meet with a counselor on a short-term basis. Other options that may be considered might include referral to another on-campus or community-based agency.  It is also feasible that the student may leave the initial appointment feeling able to handle the problem on his/her own.  

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