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Personal Counseling: Faculty and Staff

Counseling and Career Services is located in RCF 302.           Phone 443-518-1340

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Personal Counseling for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff who need personal counseling and who are eligible for counseling through the Employee Assistance Program may call 1-800-EAPS (3277).   Faculty and staff who are not eligible for counseling through the Employee Assistance Program may be eligible for one personal counseling appointment to help direct them to a referral source in the community.  Personal counselors are also available to provide consultation and training with faculty and staff to assist in their work with students.



Faculty and staff are encouraged to seek consultation with the personal counseling staff to assist them in referring a student in crisis and/or in need of personal counseling services. Guidance on the referral process may be obtained by phone contact, by scheduled appointment, or by reading:

Faculty Guide - Working with Students in Distress

Faculty Guide - Recognizing and Confronting Substance Abuse


Personal Counseling Workshops

The counseling staff is also available for programs or workshops for both faculty/staff and their students.  Topics may include, but are not limited to, stress, time management, relationships, identity development, body image, etc.   Due to scheduling constraints, faculty/staff who wish to request workshops need to contact the Counseling and Career Services Office early (at least two weeks in advance) to provide us ample time to develop and schedule requested workshops.  If you are interested in requesting an outreach program, please fill in a request form online and we will contact you.     

Please indicate your preferences regarding topic, date, time and location of program you are requesting.
Please provide a description of the program (e.g. what you would like to be addressed, how students will benefit, etc.)
Thank you for completing this Program Request Form. For additional information please contact Joy Stephens at or Counseling and Career Services, RCF 302, 443 518 1340.

Counseling and Career Services
           Room: RCF 302
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