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Support Groups

Support Groups are offered through Counseling & Career Services to assist students who would like to gain support, increase self-awareness and learn new ways to cope with personal and interpersonal concerns and challenges.  Some of these concerns may be directly related to adjusting to college life while others may relate to broader concerns that effect the individual not only here on campus but in life in general.

Support Groups generally consist of five to ten HCC students meeting face to face with one or two trained therapists for an hour. Meetings are held in a closed and safe environment where members can explore their concerns and feelings with one another. Members receive support and feedback from others as they share their struggles.
All members agree to maintain confidentiality.

If interested, please complete the information below and you will be contacted by one of the group leaders to schedule a brief screening session before the group meetings start.   

Some of the benefits of participating in support groups include:

  • Understanding that you are not alone in your thoughts and concerns.
  • Receiving new perspectives of viewing your situation and circumstances.
  • Becoming clearer in how you interact with others; what do you do well  and what would be helpful to  change.
  • Learning new interpersonal skills that will help you to communicate more effectively in your personal relationships.
  • Being able to offer assistance to others who are dealing with similar concerns.

Support Group Offerings:

Here is a list of some common support group offerings. Please check the ones that interest you. If your interest is not listed, please write it in the space provided.
(Please complete contact information so that we can reach out to you to schedule an appointment.) Thanks.


For more information contact  Kassy Hargadon-Zester  and list your subject as “GROUP”.