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Autogenic Relaxation

Autogenic Relaxation Audio - Program 1  
Please allow at least 15 seconds for the audio to begin.

Autogenic training was first developed by a German neurologist/psychiatrist who designed phrases to promote healing, calming, and physiological balance. Practicing autogenics trains our bodies to respond quickly to messages from the brain.

As you listen to the audio, visualize the feeling occurring in your body. Over time and with practice, just thinking about doing autogenic training will cause physical changes in the body.

Progressive Neuromuscular Relaxation - Program 2  
Please allow at least 15 seconds for the audio to begin.

Edmund Jacobson developed the technique of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) in the early 1920s.  The original technique involved tensing and releasing different muscle groups to increase awareness of muscle tension and to develop skills to relax those same muscles. The audio above is passive PMR which focuses on noticing a muscle group without tensing it, and then relaxing that muscle group. Through regular practice, this approach helps individuals become more aware of external stressors that increase muscle tension as well as how to let go of that tension. The object is to become aware of and control the state of tension in the muscles.

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