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Counseling, Career Services, and Job Assistance

Counseling and Career Services (CCS) is a comprehensive mental health counseling and career center dedicated to providing students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members with a full range of services and resources.  Programs and activities are designed to help clients achieve psychological well being, persist academically with confidence, develop effective career planning/job search skills, and access experiential learning opportunities.


Plan Your Career

Get assistance with choosing your major or setting career goals

Career Coach (New!)

Career Planning

How to Choose a Major

Career Decision Making

Learn About Careers

Linking Majors with Careers

    Internships and Co-Ops

Learn the difference between internships and co-ops  

Getting Started 

Finding an Internship

Your Internship Cover Letter

Internships for Students with Disabilities

Benefits for Students, Faculty, and Employers 

Search for a Job

Get assistance with your job search

Search for local jobs online with HCC Job Connection.

Resume and Interview Resources

Companies Recruiting on Campus

HCC Job Fair 

HCC Internship Fair

Q&A Session with Dr. David Tirpak

Career Links Program

Are you a single parent returning to school? HCC Career Links program helps qualified, low income, single parents identify and access the resources necessary to reach academic and career goals.

Personal Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Support Groups

Emergency Services

Special Topics


Career and Employment Resources for students with disabilities 

Federal Workforce Recruitment Program

Re-careering and 50+

International Students


Counselor Training

Masters Level Internships

Doctoral Level Externships

Faculty/Staff Resources

Information on:
Working with Students in Distress
Being a Faculty Co-op Advisor

How to request:
Personal Counseling Workshops
Career Workshops


List Job Openings Online

Participate in the
Internship Program

Come to the Job Fair

Recruit on Campus

In the Counseling and Career Services Resource Library in RCF 302 you will find information on careers, salaries, companies, resume writing, job search, interviewing, as well as personal development topics. Additionally, there are job listings from local employers and an extensive list of internet sites with a wealth of career and job related information. Students can use computers to create and print resumes and conduct online job searches.


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Counseling and Career Services has a strong commitment to keeping the information you share confidential. Beyond our own commitment to confidentiality, Maryland law requires it. At all times your privacy and care will be treated with the highest regard.


Statement of Values:

The Counseling and Career Services staff uphold the values of integrity, diversity, confidentiality, and unconditional positive regard.  No services will be denied based upon race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, marital status, sexual orientation, political persuasion, or disability.


Counseling and Career ServicesRCF 302
Phone: 443-518-1340 Fax:  443-518-4499
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Hours   Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Thursday and Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.