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Interns Speak About Their Experiences


baseball bat, glove, and ball

........Marketing Intern with Pittsburgh Pirates
and Pittsburgh Penguins

"This past summer was one of the most exciting, challenging, and eye opening experiences I have ever had. I was thrown into a fast paced professional setting that taught me not only about the professional sports industry but also about myself…I found that on-the-job learning is quite different than that of learning in the classroom."


 National Aquarium Baltimore

......Biology Intern with the National Aquarium in Baltimore

"The internship with the Aquarist Department and MARP has helped me not only to get first-hand experience but also understand different career opportunities within the marine science field. They have also introduced me to people in the field, giving me great contacts and possible job opportunities. This experience with the co-op and internship program has helped me become ready for entering the field, and I am enthusiastic and optimistic about the future."


   Department of Corrections badge

.....Intern with the Howard County Department of Corrections

"My internship with the Howard County Department of Corrections has been a memorable and educational experience. I have learned a great deal and met exceptional individuals. I would definitely recommend this program with the Department of Corrections to future criminal justice majors."



......Accounting Intern with CAS Severn

"My supervisor, Kate, is great and extremely nice! She always gives as many as possible opportunities for me to try different types of accounting tasks and learn skills besides accounting,  I am not treated as just an intern, but as a member that really belongs to the company instead. The people that I work with are so wonderful and kind! They are extremely patient to teach me tasks step by step, and they are unselfish to share useful tips with me, which will help me complete tasks faster and much more perfect."

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Those interested in applying for internships should contact, Sheri Hawes, Co-op/Internship Program Manager at 443-518-4679 or