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Self Assessment

Self assessment is the first step in career planning.  Links to quick assessments of your interests, skills and values are listed below.  We recommend that you make an appointment with Counseling and Career Services for standardized assessments or help with your career planning. 

FOCUS-2 Career Planning System is a self-guided online career assessment that helps you discover your interests, personality, leisure activities, values, and skills. These characteristics are matched with various occupations and academic majors offered at HCC. You can also research and explore over 1,200 different careers within FOCUS-2. The best part about FOCUS-2 is that you can work at your own pace and start as soon as you would like. All that you need is an account and access to the Internet! Click here to get started today. Be sure to keep track of your username and password, so that you can revisit FOCUS-2 again in the future.

In addition, you may find the assessments and worksheets linked below to be helpful.  You may complete them and print them out for your records.

  • Interests:  Take this assessment to find out the kinds of work activities you might enjoy
  • Skills:  Identify skills you already possess that can be used in a variety of jobs.
  • Values:  Identify your values that you want your career to allow you to achieve.

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