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Career and life planning counseling services are available on an appointment basis to students,  alumni, and community members.  Career counselors can also assist individuals with their job search, including reviewing resumes and preparing for interviews.  Call  443-518-1340 for an appointment.

Step 1: Self-Assessment
The first step in your career-planning process is to obtain a good understanding of your interests, values, and skills.  A career counselor can assist you in your exploration by providing informal or formal assessments.  After taking assessments, you will work collaboratively with your counselor to understand and utilize the results of your assessments in your career search.

Information on Assessments
What are Your Career Interests?

Step 2: Career Exploration
The second step in your career planning process is to gain knowledge about available career options.  By learning about different careers, you can narrow down your choices to those that are a good fit. You may meet with a career counselor for help in narrowing down your choices . To schedule an appointment, please call 443-518-1340.

Additional Resources – go to the Career Exploration page.

Step 3: Making Decisions and Setting Goals
The third step in the process is to make a decision and to devise a plan of action.  Your counselor can help you create a visible plan with target dates for completion, evaluate your progress toward meeting your goals, and make adjustments if needed.

Step 4: Reevaluate  
Periodically reevaluate your circumstances and repeat the process at the appropriate stage.   This procedure may be repeated several times during your life.

Other Career Planning Resources

HCC Human Development and Decision Making (HMDV-120) course (3 credits)
The purpose of this course is to provide a setting for students to systematically examine the skills required to make effective career decisions and formulate life goals.  Through a process of self-assessment and exploration of career information resources, the student will consider career possibilities and develop a probable career choice.  (3 hours weekly)

On-line self-directed assessments and career planning worksheets
Here are a few worksheets and assessments that you can take on your own and print for your records.  Click on the topics listed around the graphic listing the steps in the career planning cycle.  The Career Planning CycleSelf Assessment, Exploration, Decision Making, Goal Setting, and Action. 

Career Planning Workshops

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