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Social Sciences and Teacher Education

Connecting HCC Areas of Study with Careers and Jobs

Click on an HCC area of study to see a description of the program. 
To learn about careers associated with an area of study, click on the appropriate link in the column titled "Career Information Associated With..."

It is important to note that some occupations may require additional education and training beyond your degree, certificate, or letter of recognition from HCC. The primary reference for occupational information is generated from the U.S. Government website, O*NET.

For more information on “What Can You Do With a Major In…at Howard Community College,” register for the career planning system, FOCUS-2.     

HCC Area of StudyCareer Information Associated With HCC Area of Study  
Anthropology - Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreeAnthropology
Conflict Resolution - Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreeConflict Resolution
Criminal Justice - Arts & Sciences A. A. Degree Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Development - A.A.S. DegreeEarly Childhood Development
Early Childhood Development- CertificateEarly Childhood Development
Early Childhood Development - Letter of RecognitionEarly Childhood Development
Early Childhood Education- Teacher Education A. A. DegreeEarly Childhood Development
Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeEarly Childhood Development
Elementary Education - Teacher Education A. A. DegreeElementary Education
Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeElementary Education/Elementary Special Education
General Studies - General Studies A. A. DegreeGeneral Studies
General Studies - Business/Technology Emphasis-  General Studies A. A. DegreeGeneral Studies - Business/Technology Emphasis
General Studies- Certificate Students - General Studies A. A. DegreeGeneral Studies
General Studies - Science Emphasis - General Studies A. A. DegreeGeneral Studies - Science Emphasis
History - Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreeHistory 
International Studies- Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeInternational Studies
Police Science - A.A.S. DegreePolice Science 
Political Science-Arts & Sciences A.A DegreePolitical Science
Psychology- Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreePsychology
Secondary Education - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeSecondary Education 
Secondary Education- Chemistry - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeSecondary Education  - Chemistry 
Secondary Education - English - Teacher Education Degree A.A.T DegreeSecondary Education - English 
Secondary Education - Mathematics - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeSecondary Education - Mathematics
Secondary Education - Physics - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeSecondary Education - Physics 
Secondary Education - Spanish - Teacher Education A.A.T. DegreeSecondary Education - Spanish
Social Sciences - Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreeSocial Sciences
Social Work- Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreeSocial Work
Sociology - Arts & Sciences A. A. DegreeSociology
Teacher Education - Professional TrainingTeacher Education


HCC Continuing Education (Non-Credit) courses can be taken to enhance careers and/or explore personal interests. Some courses may be taken as preparation for professional licenses certifications, or examinations.

Here are a few examples of HCC Continuing Education (Non-Credit) courses available for child care.

For a complete list of continuing education courses go to


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