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Connecting HCC Areas of Study with Careers and Jobs

Click on an HCC area of study to see a description of the program. 
To learn about careers associated with an area of study, click on the appropriate link in the column titled "Career Information Associated With HCC Area of Study." 

It is important to note that some occupations may require additional education and training beyond your degree, certificate, or letter of recognition from HCC. The primary reference for occupational information is generated from the U.S. Government website, O*NET.

For more information on “What Can You Do With a Major In…at Howard Community College,” register for the career planning system, FOCUS-2. 


HCC Area of StudyCareer Information Associated With HCC Area of Study
Art - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeArt
Art History - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeArt History
Arts Administration - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeArts Administration
Asian Studies - A.A. DegreeAsian Studies
Communications Studies - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeCommunications
Dance Performance - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeDance Performance
Diversity Studies - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeDiversity Studies
Film and Video Pre-Production -
               Arts & Sciences A.A. Degree
Film and Video Pre-Production
Film Studies - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeFilm Studies
Gaming and Simulation Design -
                Arts & Sciences A.A. Degree
Gaming and Simulation Design
Graphic Design - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeGraphic Design
Interactive Design - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeInteractive Design
Interdisciplinary Studies - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeInterdisciplinary Studies
Liberal Arts - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeLiberal Arts
Music - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeMusic
Music History - Letter of RecognitionMusic History
Music Performance - Jazz - Letter of RecognitionMusic Performance - Jazz
Music Performance - Voice - Letter of RecognitionMusic Performance - Voice
Music Technology - Audio Techniques -
                Letter of Recognition
Music Technology -  Audio Techniques
Music Technology -
Music and Sound Creation
- Letter of Recognition
Music Technology - Sound Creation
Music Therapy - Letter of RecognitionMusic Therapy
Philosophy and Religious Studies -
              Arts & Sciences A.A. Degree
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Photography - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreePhotography
Television and Radio -
            Arts & Sciences A.A. Degree
Television and Radio
Theatre - Arts & Sciences A.A. DegreeTheater
Theatre/Performance - Letter of RecognitionTheater Performance
Theatre/Technical - Letter of Recognition

Theater Technical 

Transfer Studies - CertificateVaries with program of study selected.
Women's Studies -
             Arts & Sciences A.A. Degree
Women's Studies


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