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Kim:  Hello, I’m Kimberley Pins, Director of the Children’s Learning Center and I would like to welcome you to the virtual tour of our center.  Accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education, the CLC provides a high quality early care and educational program in a safe and nurturing environment. I hope you enjoy your tour.

VO #1:  At the Children’s Learning Center we promote the positive growth and development of your child through a child-centered and developmentally appropriate state approved curriculum.  The CLC staff works in partnership with you to ensure the well-being of your child by establishing open communication and cooperation between you and the school and by celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of your family.  There is an open door policy for all parents, who are encouraged to be active participants in all aspects of the center’s life. 

VO #2:  The CLC is staffed by professionals who are experienced in early childhood growth, development, teaching techniques and methods.  Through the use of The Creative Curriculum, a research based system that teaches children to be observant, knowledgeable and confident thinkers, the teachers are able to put theory into practice in their classrooms. Activities are designed based on the interests and needs of the children.

VO #3:  The CLC serves children from the age of eight weeks through prekindergarten.
There are three infant and toddler rooms within the center. The program for infants and toddlers provides a consistent daily routine for children.  Throughout the day, teachers engage in play with the children and take advantage of teachable moments so learning will occur naturally.  Some activities you may see in the infant and toddler rooms include singing, dancing, and painting.

VO #4:  The preschool classes serve children two to four years of age.  Children who are two before September 1st attend either the Grasshopper or Beetle Rooms.  Children who are three before September 1st attend the Dragonfly Room and children who are four before September 1st attend the Butterfly Room.  The Creative Curriculum provides the basic structure for a developmentally appropiate program.  The children learn through stimulating hands-on activities. By continually changing and enriching the environment, teachers can support learning and creativity in the children.  Weekly themes are implemented in the classroom and promote social, emotional and academic skills.

VO#5: The Children’s Learning Center is located in a building designed specifically for young children and embraces an environment created to ensure success.  Large windows in every classroom allow children to see outside, creating a bright and airy atmosphere, which is conducive to learning. Self help skills are fostered with child-sized equipment and bathroom fixtures.  Sinks are located in the main classroom to ensure consistent and supervised hand washing throughout the day.  Drinking fountains are installed in each classroom to promote the adequate intake of fluids.  Each classroom has a door which opens directly on to the large outdoor playground.  Daily outdoor play is an integral part of the CLC program, exemplifying our commitment to large muscle development as well as the Howard County Healthy Child Care initiative.  Even our youngest are taken outside daily  and it is not uncommon to see the triple strollers filled with infant children in all areas of the college campus. 

VO#6: Walking fieldtrips for the older children are an essential part of the prekindergarten program. During these routine walks they become familiar with  the college campus and are embraced by staff, faculty and students alike.  Traditional visits include story hour at the HCC Clarke Library, tours of the HCC mailroom, visits to the Art Gallery and introductions to the Nursing Lab.  The children also attend special events scheduled on campus when appropriate. 

VO#7: Children at the CLC also benefit from the expertise of HCC faculty who teach early childhood and teacher education coursework. At times, faculty and students will participate in activities as part of their educational program-which means enhanced attention and dedication to the children.  Students will often observe the children without disrupting their activities, and the CLC is equipped with special observation booths for this purpose.  At other times, the college students will enter the classroom to present activities to the preschool children as they pursue the objectives outlined in their practicum and clinical course of study. The children enjoy the special days when students come in to their class with exciting learning activities.

VO#8: During the summer months the CLC converts to an outdoor summer camp program.  Your child will be grouped with friends from his or her regular classroom but will have a new summer group name.  Each week the children go on an adventure, exploring new environments and concepts through stories, crafts and dramatic play. The children also particpate in water play everyday, weather permitting.

Kim- If you’d like more information please contact me at or call 443-518-4150.  Thank you for your interest in the Children’s Learning Center and I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour.