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Infant enrollment is now open to community members as well as Howard Community College staff, faculty, and students!

Howard Community College students registered for six or more credits per semester receive first priority enrollment at the Children's Learning Center. Staff and faculty of HCC receive second priority. Remaining slots are open to community members.

A special Howard Community College student tuition rate may be available. The rate will be determined by household income eligibility as defined by the Department of Social Services Child Care Subsidy Program and the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Service.  


Tuition Rates  2014-2015

Ladybug/Bumblebee/Firefly Room 
 HCC Student  $325.00/week
 HCC Employees and Community Members $363.00/week
Grasshopper/Beetle Room  
(must be 2 years old by September 1, 2014) 
 2 days/week (HCC Students Only)$138.00/week
 3 days/week  $183.00/week
 5 days/week  $281.00/week
Dragonfly and Butterfly Room  
(must be 3 years old by September 1, 2014) 
 2 days/week (HCC Students Only)$121.00/week
 3 days/week  $173.00/week
 5 days/week  $268.00/week
 2 days/week (HCC Students Only)$75.00/week
 3 days/week (HCC Students Only)$103.00/week
 5 days/week (HCC Students Only)$142.00/week

 Payment is due on every other Monday and is to be paid (at a minimum) in two week increments.

Credit card payments for Children's Learning Center tuition are made by phone. To make a payment call the Howard Comunity College cashier's office at 443-518-1862 and choose option 6. Payment hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:45am to 8:00pm and Friday from 8:45am to 5:00pm. The following information will need to be provided: account number (or Colleague ID number), card number, card type, expiration date, card holder's name, phone number, and amount of payment. A receipt for the transaction will be mailed to the account address.

Please feel free to contact the Director to make arrangements for alternate payment schedules.



Enrollment Process

  1. Schedule a guided tour. Please contact the director of the Children's Learning Center, Kim Pins, at 443-518-4150 or with your name, address, phone, email, child's name, and date of birth.
  2. Complete and submit a Registration Form. A non-refundable registration fee equal to one week's tuition will be collected at this time.
  3. Print and submit the required forms to the Children's Learning Center.