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The Children's Learning Center (CLC) is a wonderful place.  I researched and interviewed many centers prior to choosing the CLC.  After seeing and speaking with the teachers and director, there was no comparison.  The center is designed so that children have plenty of room to learn and play.  The teachers here are wonderful.  Each of them really care about the growth and development of my children.  I love the CLC and am glad they are the ones who helped nurture my children.

Linda Wu
Director, Administrative Information Systems
Howard Community College

The Children’s Learning Center changed my daughter’s life.  From a painfully sensitive three-year old to a confident and socially adept five-year old, the C.L.C. staff nurtured, loved and encouraged my daughter (and me at times).  As both a mother and an 18 year HCPSS teacher, I have highly recommended and will continue to recommend the Children’s Learning Center to parents of young children.

Mary McNight
Parent and Teacher
Howard County Public School System

I would like to thank every one at the CLC for giving me the amazing experience of working with you.  During this summer program and as a work study these past two years I have learned invaluable lesson about teaching, lessons, planning, and how to make learning a fun experience for both the teachers and the children.  Hopefully this will put me ahead of the curve when I go on into my internships and student teaching!  This has been a wonderful work experience and has definitely been a part of my inspiration to pursue a teaching career.  Thank you so much!

Sarah Frost
HCC Student

My daughter has been attending Children’s Learning Center for almost a year.  In that year I have seen her do nothing but grow and learn.  In the morning she runs to her friends without looking back, and in the afternoon she wants to stay to read one more book.  Children’s Learning Center has helped foster my daughters’ love for learning and playing

Katie Dean
HCC Student

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