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Whenever a new child is enrolled, each family is given a copy of the Children's Learning Center Parent Handbook, which is intended to acquaint parents/guardians with the policies and procedures of the center.  Some procedures are center-based; however, others are mandated by the college, the Maryland State Department of Education, and/or our accreditation agency.

Most questions will be addressed in the handbook.  To assist you in quickly finding answers, we have developed the following list of frequently asked questions.  If you require more information, please do not hesitate to speak with the director or email her at



Children's activities


Eligibility and scheduling

Health concerns

Parent and family involvement



Do I pay for days my child is absent due to illness?  Yes.

Do I pay for days my child is absent for a family vacation or simply a day off?   
Yes, providing the center normally operates on those days.

What if I can’t pay my bill by the due date?   
See the director to plan an alternate payment date before the due date.   Consult the “tuition” section in the parent handbook for more information.

Do I pay for holidays?   
Yes, if they fall within the college calendar (such as Labor Day, July 4th, etc.).  However, you do not pay for one week of Christmas break or spring break when the center is closed.

Will the center accept payment from a subsidizing agency, such as Purchase of Care? Yes.

Children's Activities

How will I know what my child does during the day?
The daily schedule and lesson plans are posted on the parent bulletin board.  In addition, specific daily activities are listed on the “Today We…” whiteboards, located in the classroom windows.

Will my child play outside in the winter?
Yes, almost every day that the weather permits.  Please bring snow pants, mittens, hats, boots, and so on, so that your child can enjoy the outdoors.


What will the center do if my child acts inappropriately?
We use positive discipline techniques and try to prevent most behavior problems.  For more information, please see the "discipline" section of the Parent Handbook.

Will the center tell me if my child has special problems?
If we are not able to correct issues that may arise in a reasonable time, we will ask for your input and assistance.  In such cases, teachers or the director will likely request a parent-teacher conference.

Should I punish my child at home if he/she acts inappropriately at the center?
No!  It is best if the teachers deal with the center behaviors and parents handle the home behaviors.  We would like to share strategies with each other for dealing with inappropriate behavior so we can all be as consistent as possible for your child.

Eligibility and Scheduling

If my child, who is enrolled for part-time care, comes in late or misses a day, may my child stay later or come another day to make it up?

No.  Time cannot be traded or banked for future use.  If you need extra time beyond your regularly reserved hours, you may contact the director.  If there is room for your child, you may use extra time with an extra charge added to your bill.

What are the current child care rates?
Please refer to your Parent Handbook.

Do I pay a registration fee each year?
A non-refundable registration fee equal to one week’s tuition is due upon enrollment. If a 30 notice is given before dis-enrolling from the center, this fee will be deducted from the last week’s tuition.  A $75 registraation fee is due when re-registering for the next program year.

Health Concerns

May my child come to school when he/she is ill?
No.  Home is the best place for children when they are contagious or recuperating.  Your handbook lists contagious illnesses that require children's absence.

Will the center give my child medicine?

Yes, but only with a doctor's prescription and written parental permission.  A medication order form must be filled out for us to administer the medicine.  In addition, no over-the-counter medicines will be given at the center.

How often does my child need a medical exam?
Your child will need a medical only once upon enrollment.  It must be within six months of enrollment and include an immunization history.

What happens if my child is ill or hurt while in the center?
We will use your emergency form to find you so that you can be with your child.  For more information, see the "emergency procedures" section in the parent handbook.

Parent and Family Involvement

May I come visit my child at the center?
Yes.  You may also accompany him or her on field trips and during family events.  You are welcome to observe your child in our observation booth.

Does the center have parenting books or resources I can borrow?
Yes.  We have a parent lending library with books you can check out.  The staff also has a wealth of handouts to share.

Is there a parent newsletter?
Yes.  You will receive a hard copy each month.  The newsletter may also be found on the center's web site.

How do I request a parent conference?
Parent conferences are scheduled twice a year and upon request.  Feel free to request a conference from a teacher or the director.

May my child's relatives visit the center?
Yes.  We would love to have them, but please accompany them on their first visit so that we can be introduced.

Should I notify the center if there are questions surrounding custody issues?
Yes.  Unless otherwise stated on your child's enrollment application, we assume both parents have legal custody and that both have full rights to leave our center premises with their child.

How are birthdays celebrated at the center?
We will celebrate each child on his/her birthday, unless it is against the parents' or guardians' beliefs.  The birthday child will wear a crown and the class will sign to him/her.  Arrangements can be made for the child's parents to share the day's events with the children in the class by reading the birthday child's favorite book to the group.


How is the staff screened prior to employment?
According to the position qualification requirements, the staff is screened in a variety of ways, including college transcripts, letters or recommendations, medical reports, and criminal background checks.