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The Creative Curriculum is implemented at The Children’s Learning Center.  This curriculum, which is approved by The Maryland State Department of Education, creates an inviting, hands-on program for children in infancy through preschool.  Learning activities are planned based on the interests of the children.  This keeps the children engaged and learning throughout the day.  

Infants and Toddlers

Infant and toddler lessons occur naturally during the two main activities of the day: care giving and free play.  One caregiver is assigned to each infant or toddler to help make sure the individual needs of the children are met.  The daily routine includes free play, singing, storytelling, hands-on play for both small and large muscles, self-help skill development, and other developmentally appropriate activities.  The teachers carefully select the activities offered to the children.  They also remain flexible with the routine to make sure the daily needs of the children are met. 


The preschool program is hands-on and encourages the children to practice their independence and social skills.  Weekly themes are chosen based on the interests of the children.  Then, using the chosen theme, activities are implemented within learning centers in the classroom.   Through enhancing and enriching the learning centers and the classroom environment, teachers support learning and creativity in children.  The teachers plan a variety learning activities which provides each child the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace. 

In following the Maryland Model for School Readiness, the preschool teachers create a portfolio for each child to showcase their skills in each of the learning domains – language, literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.  The portfolio becomes a keepsake for the child to take with them as they age out of the program and transition into Kindergarten.